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BDS 506: The Gronk Package

Rod, Justin, and Karen discuss listener feedback, Rondo is arrested, Kadarius Toney disputes his injury status, Donna Kelce gets Ziplock endorsement, Tyreek Hill says divorce was filed mistakenly, NBA draft going to two nights, DeMar DeRozan shares a Kobe story, Goodell’s comments on CTE, Aaron Rodgers wasn’t tight with Zach Wilson, Lebron drops cryptic tweet, the Enhanced Games, Razorbacks fans acting up, Adrian Peterson’s daughter gets D1 offer, NBA All-Star reserves and Embiid injury update.


  1. Mary

    Hi Rod, Karen, and Justin! The Kobe statue unveiling has been The Event here in LA. What Super Bowl lol? Anyway, it’s the 81 pose! Thought it should be the fadeaway two but Vanessa said Kobe picked the pose so tough shit haha. Anyway there will be three statues so maybe that fadeaway will be one of them. What would you guys have chosen for the statue?

  2. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Rod, Karen and JNCAA,

    So Draymond beat CTE into Jordan Poole, right? Or maybe it was a Slap point Paradox thing? 0 points in 25 minutes? Is that young man okay? I know the Cavs are for real but Jesus they ain’t like *that*. What do y’all think of the NBA trades thus far? Shouts out to the Bucks for maximizing negativity by trading for legendary try hard Pat Bev. Was Pat Bev the missing piece for Milwaukee’s defense woes and am I wrong for being here for the antics in the post season?

    Shouts out to the Las Vegas mayor, who must’ve heard y’all last week talking about sports owners pretending they’re broke cuz he told the Oakland A’s owner to take his broke ass back to the Bay Area! I don’t think I’ve heard of a mayor being annoyed by an incoming sports team. Whew baseball might be the worst for that shit smdh.

    If this Super Bowl is anything like the last time these two teams played, game about to be a banger!

    I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the Super Bowl and Usher concert!

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