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2851: During Black History Month?!

Rod and Karen banter about companies taking away features and church locations. Then they discuss Sweetly Seasoned Keith Lee drama, Ice Spice appearing to fat-shame woman, Lovers and Friends festival lineup drama, Fani Willis having a personal relationship with prosecutor, former Trump official killed, Poonam Pandy prank pull distasteful stunt, syphilis is rising, SNL has Nikki Haley on it, Tyrese shares thoughts on Black families, man calls in bomb threat on phone he found, naked woman goes on rampage in RaceTrac, Uber passenger jacks it in the front seat and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    I just know the people running sweetly seasoned has to be kicking themselves. They could have had lines for days but they messed it up for themselves. Not giving those people the money per Keith was wild enough but I think it was even more egregious that he paid for the people in line and they only gave the first three people free food. Now people are scamming in his name in cities he hasn’t visited yet. Keith is so much better than me because I would shut down shop and not help anyone anymore. But he’s doing a lot of good for small business and I commend him for it. Too bad there are so many shady people who take advantage of his generosity.

    SNL hosted Elon Musty and Dump and Fooliani so I’m not surprised Nikki Haley made a cameo. At least we were spared an entire episode of her unlike the other ones.

  2. earnestdotcom

    I’m sorry, y’all. I know this isn’t the nerd off, but there’s something on my heart that I need to let out. Have you played Palworld yet? I tried it and I could not believe my eyes!

    They made a game with cute little characters that are minding their own business; and the point of the game is to beat them up, kidnap them, and force them to work for you.



    Please play the “I am disgusted” clip for me. Thank you both for your time, and your consideration. Shout out to the chat room.

  3. Shoebootie

    That festival sounds like a LOT. My ADHD ass would be left spinning trying to do and see all the things.

  4. ApiafromGermany

    I don’t cheat and I’m married to an introvert who doesn’t even like tomatillos to strangers.
    That’s a pretty big plus when it comes to infections.

    • Shoebootie

      I think the point Karen made that we HAVE to go get our female junk inspected yearly is more to our advantage of screening for things, instead of men who won’t notice a silent infection until their pecker falls off. Even if your husband is an introvert, you can’t really bank on that as the only reason he won’t cheat. He bagged you, right? He put himself out there for you! Who’s to say… ya never know when someone catches a wild hare.

      And what the heck about tomatillos, did I miss something? What gets lost in translation from German to English and makes a left turn for tomatillos? Dammit now I want some enchiladas verdes.

      • kristenT2617

        I agree. Women are more likely to have annual check ups so these things can be picked up. I think the biggest point I’ve noticed from working in healthcare is how important it is for ALL women to get fully tested each time. Because there’s a lot of shenanigans going on. Also, I found out because I do mental health evaluations in the hospital that treatment is 3 injections spread out and the shots are very painful. So a lot ends up being spread because of lack of access to adequate follow ups. Cause ya know America has such stellar healthcare SMH

      • ApiafromGermany

        Yeah, I go to the doctor anyway to get my things checked out. Good reminder to make an appointment for this year. I don’t think that I can be sure 100% to never get anything, just that I consider myself at low risk for infections because of my one partner only for Years lifestyle.
        I meant he doesn’t want to talk to strangers but it’s funny that the spell check changed it to tomatillos. That’s pretty funny and confused me when I saw it now.

  5. Cinia

    Hey! Your resident Lovers & Friends Fest veteran and Las Vegas local here. I can’t speak on the artists that haven’t received a deposit but I went to the first L&F Fest and every artist showed up. I also had friends go to the second one and again, no reports of missing artists.
    Also, this music festival takes place at this venue called the Las Vegas Festival Grounds. There are probably about 10 stages for all those artists to perform on and the festival is literally from 12pm to 12am. So it’s definitely possible for them all to be booked at the event just not possible for anyone to see every artist.
    I cut this music festival some slack because as a LV local I can attest to the way the Strip resorts did not fuck with Black artists for a long time. Then we got NBA All Star in 2007 and they saw all them “naysayers”
    that flooded the Strip and shit went right back to whites only mode. Anyways, I say all that to say, it may not seem like it but this festival happening on the Las Vegas Strip is a big deal for Black music and culture. I got my ticket and if there is any fuckery afoot I’ll report back.

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