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PG 397: Mo’Nique’s Truth

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss traffic, burial plans, Mr and Mrs Smith, 21 Savage prank movie trailer, It’s Been A Minute Podcast, seeing Lebron in person, seeing a nutritionist, True Detective, Mo’Nique on Club Shay Shay, listener feedback and pregame news.



    Hey y’all. I had more I initially had to say about Mo’nique’s interview with Shannon, but, for what it’s worth, I thought it was better than Katt Williams. Also, I’m kinda in that place, where, I’ll just Mo’ cook & just air her grievances. Does it feel like she’s doing it for the online crowd? Yup, but a part of me does sympathizes with how she was treated growing up. I haven’t had a chance to watch her son’s counter videos & even the one with Sidney. Sidney seems like unpleasant ass nigga, especially when Mo’ is out here calling him “daddy”. Yeah, pretty creepy. Seems hella controlling. I don’t necessarily believe Mo’nique is completely without fault but that dude is something. That’s all I got. Y’all take it easy.

  2. Mary

    I feel like Club Shay Shay should re-evaluate the direction of the show. This is not just Shannon, but I’ve noticed these athletes like Gilbert, Stack, etc. start these shows outside of ESPN and think they can just turn on the mic, say some wild shit — or goad a guest into saying some wild shit — and that’s how you do a good show. Just because it’s an informal atmosphere doesn’t mean you don’t need to take it seriously and put some thought into it. I find them mostly unwatchable. There are many “sports” shows I like that are funny and non-traditional, like Bomani’s, Jenkins and Jonez, and of course Balls Deep. None of those shows are just show up and do whatever you feel like. It *looks* like that, but I know there is work behind the scenes to make it look that effortless. I think these athletes are just looking to have a clip that blows up…and then what? Keep saying crazier and crazier stuff? Is that sustainable? I imagine these are just a show’s growing pains, but Shannon might need to hold up and rethink this.

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