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2853: Take My L In The Dark

Rod and Karen banter about Mr and Mrs Smith and Vinland Saga. Then they discuss Kelly Rowland praising Jay-Z Grammys speech, Henry Cavill talks about sex scenes, DL Hughley claps back at Mo’Nique again, Christian BBL lady gets an infection, energy drinks side effects on children, Jennifer Crumbley convicted for aiding her son in school shooting, porn actor goes to Iran, Zoom fires DEI team, Tyrese clarifies his comments on the Black community, man kills girlfriend and claims it was over an onion, boy without cellphone saves school bus, Aussies getting sex dolls to get around traffic and sword ratchetness.

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  1. kristenT2617

    I think my theory about the younger generation not having sex and this “pandemic of loneliness” is also a pushback against porn culture and standards that are expected in sex. I think a lot of boys/men are growing up with insane expectations of what sex is and what is expected in sex. I’ve seen a lot of women in the younger generation pushback against this. Like there is an expectation for casual anal sex which is wild. Also there is some more growth and expectation of “earning sex vs expected sex.” There is a big divide between the genders and expectations/needs which leads to a desire to avoid sex in real life. Also the vile things that some of these men are saying online is extremely off putting and incel culture is rising. That’s how we get all of the chronically online men laughing at the swift rape AI pictures

  2. EvieE

    Vinland Saga was a bit of a struggle for me in some parts but the animation was beautiful and I’ll definitely watch the third season. Some anime recs you may enjoy is Hell’s Paradise and Blue Lock those were two of my favs of the last season. I know One Piece is a lot to tackle but they are remaking it without all the filler episodes and that may be a good time to check it out if you’re so inclined. It’s such an amazing anime in terms of world building.

    Tyrese is still a clown.

  3. RamseyDeeJenkins

    I’m not a fan of DL Hughley, but baby, he said what he said about Mo’Nique.
    I have enjoyed all the episodes this week. Five Stars!

  4. Shoebootie

    Wow, so high amounts of caffeine and stimulants are BAD for kids? No shit! My kid is always begging to drink Prime or the Panera death lemonade, and it’s a hard no from me. She’ll be like “but so-and-so drinks Prime and he’s fine.” As a parent I have some authority over your body and what you can eat and drink for a reason. That shit isn’t even good for adults, but we have the decision making skills to weigh the pros and cons of the garbage we put into our bodies. The fuck does an 8 year old need more energy for? YOU’RE MADE OF ENERGY.

    • ApiafromGermany

      The challenge is to get the kids tired in the evening, not to make them even more energetic.
      I don’t get why they would need any energy drinks.

  5. Mary

    I am not surprised at Zoom firing its DEI team. Our law firm prides itself on being a “woke” firm but I have not seen the DEI needle move in any substantive way — even after George Floyd. Yes, we have a committee, diversity library, informative newsletters, and really outstanding Black History Month lunches – but we do not have more black and brown attorneys. In fact, we usually only have one black attorney at a time, but they eventually leave because to make any sustainable change you must have an infrastructure that fosters a true inclusive environment and demonstrates you are invested in their careers. For us, it’s like “Well, we hired our 1, that’s enough.” Who would stay? They don’t. In 2021 a black entertainment attorney who was named one of Hollywood’s Top 100 Attorneys by The Hollywood Reporter left a prominent boutique firm and started his own damn firm – his name is first and his vision is one of inclusivity, giving back, and civic engagement – as his partner says, “a firm with different energy.” I am all for it and feel like black and brown folk really just have to make our own ‘cuz ain’t no one coming to save us.

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