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BDS 507: Brittany Mahomes Milk of Magnesia

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Kobe’s statue unveiling, Patrick Mahomes Sr arrested for DWI, Morgan Freeman snubbed by college player, Favre must finish repaying MS, NLRB ruling could change college sports, Tyreek Hill divorce filing dismissed, Haywood Highsmith cited for careless driving, Kim K rumored to be dating OBJ, Donna Kelce won’t be sitting in a box at Super Bowl, Kayla Nicole, Aaron Rodgers invited on Jimmy Kimmel, Chiefs fan suing Bleacher Report, Brittany Mahomes is SI swimsuit rookie, Zay Flowers accused of DV, Raiders chilling with the cops and NBA trade roundup.



    Happy Post Super Bowl, Rod, Karen & Jteve Wilks

    Bruh, I was trying to give that fake smart, find-a-way-to-lose-Super-Bowl-ass-motherfucker some rope. I was willing to forgive him, because I actually believe Kyle Shanahan coach a pretty good to very good game, all things considered. Brock Purdy made a believer out of me, even. Yet, Patrick Mahomes, once again, makes magic out of a shit receiving squad. The fact this version of Kansas City beat the 49ers, after we saw them be embarrassed on Xmas Day to the Raiders, just blows my mind. Anyway, but, yeah, Kyle done fired Steve Wilks to cover for his usual shortcomings. 49ers played well like the Chiefs D. These dudes had a chance to stuff Pat on 4th & 1 & Pat QB drew their ass the “Riot act on ice”. Chiefs have been cowards about that, since, he dislocated his knee again Denver in 2019. With the game & legacy on the line, fuck that shit, indeed.

    Also, not informing your players on the new OT rules, is pretty bad, not just in hindsight, either. You’re the so-called genius, nigga. You better “genius” your prep & fundamentals to that squad. The fuck? Fucked around & lost in OT again to an active GOAT in the making. Brady overcame a 25 point deficit & beat these 49ers in OT, seven years ago. Cold world. On the bright side, Kyle, at least you managed to split the point differential to -3 vs -6 in 2016 SB. Oh well. That was fun. Usher was fun. I didn’t detect Alicia Keys being off key. I just know I wasn’t on Twitter for it & it felt great not to care about those users & their wayward, misguided agendas. Seeing H.E.R. kill it on guitar, Luda, Jermaine Dupri’s diabetes socks wearing ass & Lil Jon. It was fucking great. It was just great to watch that game & not feel obligated to use Twitter. I did Tweet, don’t get me wrong, but to be frequently on it, I didn’t feel the need. As for the shooting for the parade? Sad shit. Shit’s bigger than the players. You wanna get rid of these GOP-laden bills? Vote those GOP niggas out & the bills about dealing with guns. I’m out of words for it, at this points. I’m just numb & tired. Take care.


    Good evening brother Rod, killer K, and jisaiah Stewart!

    Idk if Isaiah drinking that water from flint, or his role model is. Michigans. Own draymond green, but Stewart is following down the same path as donkey. Rod hit that (( Ray Lewis)) so Stewart get arrested for punching drew eubanks of the suns! It’s been a long road trip for the pistons. I wonder if Monty Williams gonna bail him out!!
    What’s wild about this story is Stewart punched him BEFORE the game not after! And to make matters worse he has a foot injury and wasn’t scheduled to play anyway! So we see his feet don’t work but them hands do

    Have a great weekend

    Appreciate you guys

    Fyahworks out!!!

  3. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Rod, Karen and Jyle Shanahan,

    I hope all is well!

    Patrick Lavon Mahomes II is that *nigga*! The first Black QB to win back to back Super Bowls, during Black History Month at that! And with a receiving corp that lead the league in drops. Kadarius Toney was a DNP – “This Nigga Ass” to the point that he even said he was perfectly fine! Congrats to Mecole Hardman on winning this season’s “OBJ Ashy To Classy Player of the Year” award for starting the season on the Jets and ending the season with a Super Bowl winning catch. More than seeing someone get it out the mud, you love to see someone get out the trenches and land on a better team. Meanwhile, The Athletic wrote an article saying Aaron Rodgers is their de facto GM. Whew chile, the ghetto.

    When did y’all realize the Niners were cooked? Cuz when they missed that 3rd and 5 towards the end of the 4th quarter off an incomplete pass, I knew! We’ve seen this movie before. Shanahan blowing Super Bowl leads is the 3rd most reliable franchise behind the MCU and the Fast movies.

    I think telling the truth in the face of failure is a marker of true character…but I’ll be damned if I’ma let Shanny skate on “We wanted the ball third”. Nigga speaking French? Who was “we”, when we got Niners players coming out to say they were learning the overtime rules in the moment? Meanwhile, Kansas City was having meetings about the new playoff OT rules since training camp. It’s probably for the best the Niners ain’t score a TD in overtime cuz they would’ve partied like the game is over and Mahomes would’ve taken that personally, word to Jordan. Did y’all see Mahomes face during OT? Ice in his veins, goddamn.

    While he looked greasy as a White Castle griddle, shouts out to Post Malone for being the first appearance of Cowboys anything at the Super Bowl since cassette tapes and Guess Jeans.

    I hope y’all have a wonderful evening and thanks as always for the dope shows!

  4. chubbzero

    What’s up rod, Karen and the Jan Francisco jorty niners? Ole nepo baby shanahan failed again. That makes 3 times you had a double digit lead in the super bowl and still lost. 2 as a head coach and once as the oc in Atlanta [28 to 3]! And what do you do? Turn right around and fire the defensive coordinator. Blame the black man I guess. But I’m writing you guys to ask you something that’s been racking my brain. If tom brady is the goat, does he have an asterisk because of spygate? Correct me if I’m wrong but it’s a known fact that they cheated to get that first chip against the rams. The commisioner retrieved the tapes and destroyed them never to be seen again. The only person I heard talking about on TV was cris Carter but I haven’t seen or heard him on any platform in a while. Alright y’all have a great weekend!

  5. Slickbarber

    What up Rod, Karen, & Justin!!! Someone asked the question about NIL & if players can rep other shoe brands that is different from the school’s brand. This is in regards to the National Labor Relations Board now stating college athletes can be considered employees. Yes players can sign NIL deals with other shoe companies that are not a part of the school. An example is at UNC. We all know UNC is a Jordan Brand school; however, RJ Davis & Harrison Ingram of the basketball team have NIL deals with Reebok. They can’t wear Reebok shoes to play in the games since UNC is a Jordan Brand school but they can promote Reebok on their own & on their social media. The two players actually shot a promotional video while in Charlotte back in December when the team was playing in the Jordan Brand Classic. They filmed the video while at the team hotel & released it own their social media pages.

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