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TNO 207: Master Chief Was Beatin’ Cheeks

Rod, Karen, Sterling and Bacon discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Steven Yeun leaves Thunderbolts, Ahsoka season 2 talks haven’t started yet, Netflix  Marvel shows are canon now, Margot Robbie wants to pass of Harley Quinn mantle, MJ Face model dealing with stalking and harassment, the Mandalorian movie, Echo ratings, SAG-AFTRA makes deal that allows AI voice work, Discord laying off people, Ubisoft says gamers need to get used to not owning games, She-Hulk not getting season 2, RDJ says some of his best acting in Marvel movie, Japan lands on moon, Christopher Reeve’s children didn’t see Flash, Halo season 2, a third of gaming devs had layoffs last year, Hogwarts legacy best selling game of 2023, GameStop out of the NFT game, Book of Eli prequel, Microsoft cuts 2000 jobs, Nintendo Switch 2, Live-Action Avatar cut Sokka’s sexism, Pokimane leaves Twitch, Last of Us 3, Xbox may put exclusives on other consoles, Gina Carano sues Disney, Spider-Man 2 free trial, Funimation / Crunchyroll, MCU Slowdown, Predator spinoff, Jurassic World movie loses director, Moana sequel, Disney invests 1.5 billion in Epic Games for Disney Fortnite experience, Kumail Nanjiana needed therapy after Eternals backlash, Florida Joker drops suit against RockStar, Sega issue warning after sluggish Sonic sales, Spike Lee and Denzel making new movie and Stephen A Smith’s favorite X-Men.


  1. rodimusprime

    Hello Fellow Nerds,

    I love to hear y’all talk comics.
    I often buy a book just for the interior artist (Sanford Greene, Paul Pope, Marcos Martin and Frank Quitely just to name a few). Are there any visual comic artists that really move the needle for y’all? Thank you for the great shows!


  2. earnestdotcom

    This is a second response to your response to my response to episode 2851: During Black History Month?!

    Apologies again for taking the nerd talk outside the paywall. I’m glad that y’all addressed Palworld. I’d like to assure you that I wholeheartedly and unequivocally agree with the point you brought up, both on The Nerd Off and on the main show, about Pokemon.

    I had initially intended to express my disgust (and thank you for playing the clip, you did indeed play the correct one on the first try) over the release of a game that essentially amounts to a cartoon slavery simulator just ahead of Black History Month.

    I now realize that this assertion could cause undue stress to the animal loving members of the TBGWT community who have gone for decades without any acknowledgment of the casual simulated pet-fighting featured in the many games, cartoons, and comic books of the Pokemon franchise.

    I apologize for any undue stress or offense my actions have caused. I realize that my silence on the matter of simulated coerced animal on animal violence is complicity, and I will commit myself to learning and doing better in the future. I can’t expect your forgiveness, but I do appreciate your patience at this time.

  3. Langston

    I really wanna see Stephen A. Smith talk about Pokemon now

  4. SuavyP

    Sup Yall… Was listening when I heard Rod mention playing Madden 24 and tapping out after going through the new passing mechanics tutorial lol. Just fyi, you can opt out of that new passing mechanic style by going to settings and changing it to classic passing mode. I actually got used to the new style quicker than I thought I would, and it’s now my preferred way to pass. You get a lot more control of the ball placement vs leaving it up to chance wit the cpu AI… But it definitely can be off putting for us old skool madden players trying to dip back into that Madden pool… Peace!

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