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2854: Immediately No

Rod and Karen respond to listener feedback.

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  1. EvieE

    After all this time the Chadwick bondsman skit it still so funny. I really miss him as an actor because I just know he would have gotten his Oscar by now. What a talented brother.

    I’ve been meaning to mention this for a while now but I just wanted to say I really love the long version of the fucking with black people intro because it’s such a bop and we always get the added bonus of Karen singing along. I always get tickled when she starts singing “ can you leave me alone? Just leave me alone” that’s the best part. That song always softens the bullshit that follows.

  2. JLCauvin

    The song you played on this episode before the emails is the single best song of the whole TBGWT library, with all due respect to all the other music. In fact, it is so good I have imagined a scenario for when it should play (please indulge the man who catches the most strays per year with this quick set up). It is the end of season 2 of my show, about a comedian who is seeking John Wick-esque vengeance on the people who killed his comedy special and career. Season 1 is the build up of optimism with the finale being the soul crushing disappointment of having the whole special destroyed. But it is not until late in season 2, after hunting down all the low level producers, that the main character learns where the man who masterminded the whole downfall of the comedian is located: Miami (or some warm, tropical, Latin locale). As the final scene of season 2 begins we hear the aforementioned music start playing and see a plane landing (but it can’t be the main character because he is afraid of flying), but then we see the large frame of the comedian walking from the plane into the warm evening of Miami to get his revenge and then the screen goes to credits as soon as the beat drops. And then Max cancels the show before we can see what happens.

  3. mikol-sounds-like-michael

    I love that Chadwick Boseman skit! I can’t believe you made that all the way back in 2016. Time flies when you listening to a great podcast, I guess. Love you guys!

  4. brooklynshoebabe

    Thank you for the Black History movie trailer. Still hilarious. Damn, that nigga in everything. Lol. Laugh just as hard as The first time. I’ve been having a rough couple of weeks and I needed that smile/ laugh. (Sorry you’re ad deal with Spotify is over because your ads were comedy gold especially the disclaimer about not needing more podcasts about dates at the Cheese steak Factory and Marvel Fatigue.)

  5. Shoebootie

    See, I KNEW in my heart of hearts you were talking about the rap in Teen Witch.

  6. SuavyP

    That Chadwick Boseman sketch is still hilarious. But check it… Rod, you gotta do an update to the sketch because there’s a new light skinnndeded “Chadwick” out here taking on all the legendary light-bright negro roles. Kingsley Ben-Adir! He played our good brother Malcom in “One Night in Miami”. Now he’s playing Bob Marley in “One Love”. I would not be surprised if he plays Obama next if he hasn’t done so already, because if you look at him close enough, he lowkey got them Obama ears. Hell he’s probably play Will Smith smacking Chris Rock one day! Mark my words watch out for this brotha!

  7. earnestdotcom

    This is a response to your response to my response to episode 2851: During Black History Month?!

    You’re too smart for me, Rod. I was trying to get a little Nerd Off out of you on the main feed. I’m a premium subscriber, but I usually listen to the main show on Spotify () so I’m typically behind on the stuff behind the pay wall. My bad. I need to get my together.

    I appreciate how this show challenges me to be my best. Thank you for the call in and shout out to the chat room.

    • earnestdotcom

      I now see that my emojis did not save with my comment, making some of the text of my previous comment seem disjointed. I apologize for any confusion this may cause, and I appreciate your understanding at this time.

  8. SuavyP

    I think the lyric in the White PPL News jingle that’s throwing everyone off is “we might be problematic… a little bit glib… the suns very hard on our fragile pink skin”… ‍♂️

    • earnestdotcom

      “a little bit glib” is the “hangin’ in a chow line” of the WPN jingle.

  9. ApiafromGermany

    33% of the Spotify users are a lot. I guess they have money to burn.

  10. ApiafromGermany

    Now I’m afraid of auto correct. This time it came up with tomatillos, this was confusing but cute. But now I know that Europes fate might be linked to the quality of my comments I feel the responsibility to make it right. The fact that on my devices I have keyboards in 3 languages ( German, English, Polish) and switch between them is also a factor. I hope I build so much good will in the last years that a strange word will not immediately destroy it all. But who knows. After all Im a white ladybug. ( autocorrect! Stop it! I told you!)
    But hey, it’s a responsibility I’m willing to take on to save Europe.

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