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2855: Sugar Ray Leonard

Rod and Karen banter about Bey’s new singles. Then they discuss the Super Bowl, Mo’Nique apologizes to Oprah and Tyler kind of, Club Shay Shay fallout with other comics, a comedian walks a Black crowd while making George Floyd jokes, a man arrested taking voyeur pics in women’s toilet tank, a nurse punched, a man claims Christ approved his trespassing and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    I may not be super knowledgeable about comedy but I know enough about it to know that comedy is ever evolving and if you’re just following a trend that shit eventually gets old but I guess it’s just easier for some “comedians” to be edge lords than to actually hone their crafts. What makes that joke extra whack is that you know he never would have told it in a majority black crowd. That coonmedian is super corny for getting your tik tok taken down and I know it was him because people like that can always dish it out but can’t take it. I hope the ancestors gives him a bad case of jock itch on black history month.

    I love some country musics. I grew up with the classics like Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton and Garth Brooks. I so like some of the newer artists but a lot of country sounds so poppy that I’m not sure if it’s still actually country music so you know people are only mad at Bey for making country music because they’re racist and label her a cop hater. But the haters are gonna just have to hate because the Queen is taking over country and I’m here for it. She’s already taken over tik tok with everyone choreographing new dance steps to her song. And with Bey releasing country music I’ve been introduced to a lot of new black country artists and I’m loving it.

  2. HustleNoFlow

    I listened to the comedian segment, and I was caught wondering what was the actual right approach as an audience member. Is it better to heckle? Boo? Or walkout? Like, clearly the crowd was full of people that liked it, which is a room that I don’t want to be in. But it feels like he gets his way, he gets to go viral, and you miss the rest of the comedians. Would I want to see other comedians? I don’t know if I could get back in the mood to laugh at other comedians after this guy sucked the fun out of that room. And he was clearly not skilled enough to bring the room back (especially when the so many made it seem like he wasn’t really on the edge anyway). It just seems like such a terrible end to what was supposed to be a fun night out, and I’m not sure how I would have handled that level of trolling in person. But I definitely wouldn’t fist bump that punk on the way out.

  3. Anne

    So, about Beyonce and her Country music songs/album. I live in Houston and there has always been a small segment of the Black community that are Country fans. You see more of them during the Houston Rodeo every year dressed in their hats, boots and jeans. You might remember a singer named Charlie Pride. The problem is that they used to only get black performers for the concerts during Black Heritage Day. It’s usually been mainly R&B. Now, they’ve switched to mainly hip-hop for a couple of nights. One year they had Leon Bridges who is somewhere between blues and country. There’s another singer named Mickey Guyton who would probably sell out but they haven’t had her there. Maybe they will now? Anyway, my point is that I think Beyonce’s songs will do well if only for the fact that there’s an existing, underserved market for it.

  4. Shoebootie

    Beyoncé gonna popularize this little cowboy emoji

  5. RamseyDeeJenkins

    Five Stars!
    Billy Ray Cyrus aka Sugar Ray Leonard took me all the way out!
    Not to mention the cowboy hats that you both wore.

  6. LayLoves

    Karen is killing me this year with the off-the-cuff quips. First “moving pictures”, now Sugar Ray Leonard instead of Billy Ray Cyrus. I fucking screamed!

    Also, Dracarys on David Lucas. That bootlicking, buck shuffling, Cracker Barrel pancake eating, shuck and jiving, “what’s the matter, boss; We sick?” looking ass nigga. I hope the next racist white ass he chooses to bury his nose in is fully encrusted with diarrhea.

  7. Mary

    OK this is a shoutout to the pre-live show jams. You all are missing out if you’re not in the chat. Listen I am an old woman from Los Angeles – I don’t know any young blues singers from South Carolina. Thank you, Rod for playing that King George song! I know it was to set the stage so we could properly celebrate the Queen, but I am obsessed. Thanks for turning me on to that joint — This train gonna keep on rollin!! LOL

  8. ApiafromGermany

    I learned my lesson. I’m sure Beyoncé’s New music is the best music that ever was created in the history of the world even without having listened it yet. 18/10.

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