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2856: Post-Serious Society

Rod and Karen banter on Spotify for Podcaster ads ending, the Hornets making trades and lifting weights. Then they discuss more Mo’Nique fallout, Ayo Edebiri apologized to J-Lo, Kanye kicked out the Super Bowl, class action lawsuit against Amazon, Gender Wars, mom hospitalized after TikTok prank, woman fired for calling 911 on thieve, Trump fan nabbed for vandalizing pride mural and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    I think when people go on a years long vendetta against someone like Monique has against Tyler Perry and Oprah, they eventually tell on themselves. All these years she’s been telling people that the production company just wanted her promote Precious without any kind of compensation and while that may technically be true the way she framed it seemed like all expenses would be on her. But from her mouth she said they offered her travel boarding and all other expenses to promote. Maybe I’m ignorant on this but doesn’t expenses include some kind of stipend for spending money? Maybe if this is how things are done in Hollywood I can see why someone in charge of production may say someone is difficult. Like you said Rod, I can see both sides and she clearly made it seem like they did her super dirty. In my opinion the problem is that her husband shouldn’t be her business manager. I think Monique would be so much more successful if he was a better businessman. Most of the people who have fallen out with her has sited Sydney as the problem.

  2. RamseyDeeJenkins

    Please tell me that Sidney Hicks will make the Coon countdown on Tic Tok.

  3. Shoebootie

    Monique being spoken for by her man in that video … it reminded me of how Pastor Anton Mans was speaking for/about/around Natalia Grace on that doc on HBO “the curious case of natalia grace.” It’s weird and territorial.

  4. ApiafromGermany

    I get the principle behind gender wars now. The second one was really almost perfect.

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