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BDS 508: Marcus Jordan Back In the Will

Rod, Justin, and Karen discuss listener feedback, the Super Bowl, Steve Wilks, Isaiah Stewart arrested, shooting at Super Bowl parade, Larsa and Marcus Jordan split, OJ undergoing chemo, Tristan Thompson trying to get custody of his brother, Taylor Swift couldn’t attend Super Bowl parade, Brandon Aiyuk’s girlfriend comments on his free agency, Warriors tried to trade for Lebron, Shannon Sharpe threatens Mike Epps, Russell Westbrook has fan ejected, Nets reporter gets into car crash discussing trades and Draymond vs Nurkic.


  1. Mary

    So all this talk about how awful this year’s All-Star game and how the players used to take it seriously had me thinking about Kobe and Lebron. We never got to see them play each other in a championship, but the All Star game used to be a vehicle for the best to go against the best, and in 2013 we had Kobe taking it personally (he really was like MJ). That 34 year old man locked up a young Bron and blocked his ass twice. I love Lebron, but in the clips, it is so clear in both play and demeanor who the Alpha is. I miss Kobe.


    Greetings Rod Karen, and Justin Vaughn
    Now Jacques Vaughn done fucked around and got fired on his day off! He was fired during the all star break, after a record of 64-65 with the Brooklyn nets! He comes from the popovich tree, and probably has had the least success!

    The all star weekend deserves the Ray Lewis drop! I feel the best parts of the weekend was the led court and Sabrina vs Steph! Sabrina plays for the New York Liberty and she is nice! The Liberty was just in the wnba finals where they lost but she would have easily been mvp had they won. But Kenny smith was on his son lemon New Year’s Eve shit, drunk and talking shit about Sabrina during the contest. He caught a lot of heat for that! But I was pleased with the result of the competition although we knew Steph would Steph! That all star game needs some tweaking, that 200+ points is crazy!

    Lastly Jimmy G or as Stephen A calls him “porn star Jimmy” got suspended and ultimately released from the raiders after testing positive for PEDs! Is viagra is PED? lol he is a sorry qb, does he get another job in. The league? Even as a backup?

    Appreciate you guys!

    Have a good one

    Fyahworks out

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