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PG 398: Buckle Bunny

Rod, Karen and Justin discuss Glorilla, Justin’s nephew’s basketball game, ground turkey, lifting weights, Beyonce, Nutritionist had to cancel twice, Fani Willis on the stand, Mr. And Mrs. Smith, True Detective Night Country, American Nightmare, Lover Stalker Killer, The Vince Staples Show and listener feedback.



    What’s up yall

    Hope the week was good,

    The comedy world has been in a rough place since the year started, first katt, then Monique.

    Now Darnell Rawlings had to press Corey Holcomb at a comedy show while he was on stage! I’m sure there’s others but I saw this altercation on IG this morning between Rawlings and Corey and it was no laughing matter

    Have a great weekend

    Fyahworks out!!!

  2. rodimusprime

    What’s up Rod, Karen, & Justin.

    I’m listening to Pre-Game episode 398: Buckle Bunny and wanted to chime in on the discussion of former athlete podcasts. In my opinion, a lot of the criticism Shannon has received since the Katt Williams interview is professional jealousy. He is not a Journalist. He’s not beholden to those standards. Sure he could have pushed back on some answers but that isn’t his job. Additionally, did you know that between Katt’s and Monique’s episodes, three more celebrities appeared on the show: Kountry Wayne, 21 Savage, and Usher. The episodes are released in full at least one week apart.

    Gil’s Arena is another show I feel gets unfairly criticized due to the internet’s reactions to select clips. Many of the shows best segments revolve around basketball, the strategies involved, explaining why the Bucks are struggling with Dame, why the coach was let go etc. however, if you aren’t looking at YouTube you’ll miss when Gil, Kenyon, and Rashad McCants talked about post NBA depression and identity struggles. 7 PM in Brooklyn with Melo and Desus is a good show. Bomani has appeared on both shows and had fun. What happened to folks talking ball and having fun??

    I listened to Lebatard and Pablo talk about big J journalism when discussing Cam & Mase’s show having OJ as a football correspondent. It made me roll my eyes. I’m tired of people sitting around like there is only way to talk about sports. It’s off-putting. As a consumer of content, if something isn’t for me, I don’t consume and don’t criticize. I just don’t get why people think they should have an opinion on things they have little to no knowledge of.


  3. RoninRaphael

    Maya Erskine is now a new fav of mine, I’m not sure if I had seen her in anything before, but that doesn’t matter, she can be my Mrs Smith no prenuptial required. Loved her performance. I wasn’t aware that was Donald’s real mum until I paused the show and her name appeared on the screen. She’s so sweet. The cameos too my goodness . Overall, what a beautiful story. Bezos please us a S2.

    On the Fani Willis trial, by the time you record, we should have found out how the judge ruled I believe. I am curious about the former friend who claimed that Fani and Wade had been dating since 2019 instead of 2022, I do hope that the DoJ charges someone with telling a bold face lie in the future. It will be interesting to see Fanis team or herself, cross examin this witness.

    Great show as always, that parody you played at the beginning was something I had forgotten about completely .

    Please delete my comments on Ball Deep, wrong place

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