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PG 399: Dumb Dentist

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss having to delay the show a day, revisiting the Mo’Nique situation, Justin’s work drama, dental work, working out, changing how you eat, True Detective, Reacher, They Called Him Mostly Harmless and listener feedback.


  1. Mary

    Re behavior at work…I’ve worked as an assistant at an entertainment law firm here in LA for over 25 years and regularly deal with high net worth clients, as well as highly-recruited attorneys. One thing that is a completely underrated skill not taught in school is this: how to fucking deal with people. I see these kids come out of law school, and at some level everyone is as smart as you, so the thing that will determine your success is this — do people like working with you? I say this because Monique is very talented, but at some point, nothing is worth that headache. And that goes at all levels. Like Justin’s situation. They obviously can do their job, but when it comes to layoff time or promotion time…that stuff gets taken into consideration. It works the good way too. I’m good at my job but I’m not a computer whiz or a superstar at reading contracts – but this is what I hear at every review: “Mary is great with the clients.” I make stupid money for being an assistant. Better to be easy to deal with than to be the smartest one in the room.

  2. TanyaW42

    While listening to this episode I was inspired to say this, since Rod and Justin put me on it — I miss “Legends of Chamberlain Heights” so much!! It was SO inappropriate, but so damn funny!

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