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2861: Greyed Out

Rod and Karen banter about wearing old clothes, working out, vegan gummy bears, Rod takes a tumble, a weird bumper sticker and true crime disclaimers. Then they discuss Mary Trump vs Jon Stewart, Apple saying don’t put phones in rice, Avengers 5 changing the title, Children exposed to spicy book via BookTok, Gender Wars, 1811 Slave Revolt plantation Black-owned for the first time, a woman accused of letting child wax nude women, fast food employee arrested for assault, AirBnB cheating blackmail and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    I am so disgusted by the mother who allowed her five year old to wax random coochies. All those clients need to be rounded up and arrested and put on the registry. If that was me I would have been like that grandpa Simpson meme. As soon as I saw a child I would have peaced the fuck out. What is wrong with people? And for the mom to brag about it on social media is wild. I need people to bring shame back because it doesn’t seem like a thing anymore.

  2. Nebz

    I absolutely put my phone in rice, I even started throwing in a couple silicone packets i save from packaged food. I agree, it sounds like a scam to get us to break our phones more easily. Either way I’m gonna keep doing it!!!!

  3. Tommydeee

    Apple saw Mr &Mrs Smith, watched the rice screen and said “oh no the gig is up. Put out a statement”

  4. Tommydeee

    About politician’s names. Do you remember the Eddie Murphy movie The Distinguished Gentleman from the early 90s? Eddie’s character had a name that was very close to the name of his district’s congressman that died. He figured no one knew that their congressman died and don’t even know his face. They just vote for the name. His campaign slogan was even “Jeff Johnson the name you know,the name you can trust.” He ever showed his face and won, than the corruption begins. Good flick

  5. Shoebootie

    I was so moved by Karen’s passion regarding reclaiming history and making it loud.
    I’m not gonna be TRICKED in the same episode by having me guess the race with Popeye’s! Not during black history month!

  6. ApiafromGermany

    Rod, I would in most cases prefer a walk outside to a walk on a machine.
    When you walk in daylight, even on a winter day, the light is boosting your mood and working against anxiety. Plus your skin is using the daylight to produce Vitamine d. ( good for strong bones and muscles )
    As far as I know this is even more important for black people because ( I’m already sweating fearing to say something racist by accident) white skin is used to poor light conditions and can produce Vitamine d with less light available.I’m sorry! I didn’t make it up! A pale white person can produce the vitamin d needed with 15 minutes of daylight, while a black person might need 30-40 minutes a day. You might say it’s the sun being racist. But.
    That’s the upside of getting sunburned easily. We whites have to catch all the sunshine we can get.

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