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2860: Mac History Month

Rod and Karen banter about the NBA All-Star Weekend, Hookers on the Point, and Club Shay Shay. Then then discuss Mo’Nique, Benzino cries over Eminem, Bey has a No. 1 country hit, Cardi B and Offset go out for Valentine’s Day, Usher’s felt attacked over marriage to his wife, Joe Manchin won’t run, FBI informant lied about Joe and Hunter Biden, Republicans leaving office, AL state court declares embryos “children”, Angel Reese on Caitlen Clark, ScHoolboy Q retracts n-word pass, Killer Mike’s plan to improve child support in the Black community, Gender Wars and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    So I guess staying up late and watching shows we weren’t supposed to as kids was a cannon event. I remember real sex and hookers on the point but my favorite late night hbo documentary was Pimps Up Hoes down and that was such a classic. That’s where we were introduced to pimps like Pimpin Ken, Bishop don Magic Juan and Mr White folks. For some reason Ice Tea was on it. I think you can still watch it on Max. They don’t make documentaries like that anymore.

    Monique is her own worse enemy. She has made it abundantly clear that she is Queen of the pick me’s putting a man before her kids and everything else in her life. I think she could have been so much more successful in her career without Sydney but it seems she’s problematic even without him. I hope her son finds peace and healing.

  2. Mary

    Re: the state of dysfunction in the Republican Party. Despite California being a blue state, there are many areas outside of LA and SF/Bay Area that are red. Remember, former speaker of the house Kevin McCarthy is from CA. But the red parts are not really crazy red — more like former Senator John McCain red. As you mentioned, there is now some distancing from Trump going on. One of the ads in the race for senate here attacks the republican candidate as “too MAGA for California” and states that the candidate – former LA Dodger Steve Garvey – has voted for Trump in the last two elections. Garvey is now evasive when asked if he will vote from Trump again. I believe that Trump shit won’t fly. BTW, all three democratic candidates are on board with this message, so it has even consolidated the Dems. Glad you brought up an underreported story.

  3. Mandrake

    You are going to have to explain to your younger listeners about “Woods Porn”. You and I know about woods porn because we are Gen X but young people today didn’t even grow up with Playboy magazines. #GoodbyePrintMedia

  4. ApiafromGermany

    Club Shay Shay:

    I hoped that using “you are gay!” As an insult and people getting mad about it was of the past. But I guess not!
    Someone would call me gay, I would only be confused about what the point was, not mad.

    But I don’t follow toxic masculinity, so I guess it’s easy for me to say.

  5. RamseyDeeJenkins

    I want Killer Mike to take the words of Fani Willis and stop speaking on behalf of all Black People: “A Man is not a plan.” Killer Mike, please stop!

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