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2859: Dawg-Matic

Rod and Karen are joined the hosts of the Keith and the Girl Podcast, Keith and Chemda to banter about Madame Web, bike riding, riding the Peloton and Karen inventing a new word. They also discuss Keith’s new book about catfishing his own father, Chemda’s upcoming departure from Keith and the Girl, Donald Trump losing a bank fraud case, Cam’Ron ordered to pay 50K using a copyrighted photo of himself, Trump shoes, Chris Brown disinvited from NBA All-Star Weekend, YSL lawyer arrested, White People News and Sword Ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    What fun guests. I have never listened to Keith and the girl because I have so many podcasts in rotation that I never got around to it but now I wish I did before Chemda left but I can see why you think so highly of them. They are funny.

    I had no intention of seeing Madam Web because so many people said it was bad but I was over a friend’s house and somehow they were able to bootleg it. Even though I didn’t spend any money I want the two hours of my life back. Granted it was kinda funny but I don’t think it was supposed to be. One part straight up reminded me of an old kung fu movie because the lips didn’t match the words. I thought I was having a stroke.

  2. Angela

    Wonderful show! Loved to see you both with Keith and Chemda. Best wishes to both of them on their journeys. I finally understand Karen’s “dawg-matic”. I love it and yes it is definitely a shirt!

  3. Shoebootie

    “Remember Four Loko?” I don’t remember anything that happened while drinking it! Think I fought a raccoon for a chicken wing.

  4. ApiafromGermany

    Oh, my favorite podcasters are podcasting together.
    I love it.

  5. J-Full

    I’m glad we’ve finally gotten to the root of Karen using dogmatic because for years I’ve been like, I don’t think it means what she think it means.

  6. Shoebootie

    Someone who’s better at photoshop than me should make a dogmatic album cover a-la illmatic with Karen. Please.

  7. RamseyDeeJenkins

    Five Stars for the episode. Besides the Banter, my favorite part of this episode was watching on YouTube how Rod geeked out about the Celebrity All-Star Basketball game!

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