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BDS 509: The Sociopath Solution

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, fixing All-Star weekend, Kenny Smith puts his foot in his mouth, Nets fire Jacque Vaughn, Travis Kelce slammed for partying, Antonio Brown owes someone else now, Larsa and Marcus might’ve faked breakup, Glorilla and Dame Lillard, the No Bull tour, Mayweather dismisses seriousness of Diddy accusations, JJ Redics vs Patrick Beverly, All Star Weekend requirements increasing, Stephen A talks about Pat McAfee’s race, details on KC parade shooter, Brittney Griner has jersey retired at Baylor, Johnny Manziel’s cocaine diet, FuboTV sues ESPN merger, EA wants to pay college players for NIL rights, Amazon Prime paying for NFL play-off game, Taylor Rooks and Joy Taylor joint podcast, Matt Barnes fired from broadcasting job, Lebron busted liking a TikTok star’s pics, MLB player showing it all, KD confronts fan that called him a bitch, State attorney trying to help Favre, Pelicans twitter claps back at Stephen A, Gabby Douglas has to delay comeback and Jordan Poole benched.


  1. rodimusprime

    G’Day everyone.

    Just wanted to write in to say how happy I am Patty Mills signed with the Heat. The guy is an Aussie legend on & off the court.

    I’ve already ordered his jersey.

    Have a good 1


    Hey Rod, Karen Jenver Broncos.

    Lemme hold $20, Russ? That’s all I want is some laundry money. In all seriousness, Denver’s incompetent got me rooting for Russell again. $85M dollars that’s all to him. It’s a bummer that won’t get to see Russell figure that offense out more, as he was getting better with Denver last year. He wasn’t the same guy in Seattle but given he was 80% percent of that guy, someone will probably take him for the minimum. Feels good to see a brotha get this amount of coin. Goodness, he’s probably gonna try & make another baby with Ciara with that cash. Oh well. Good for them.

    Congratulations to Rajah Caruth in the Craftsman Truck Series for getting his first career win in NASCAR. He won in Vegas last Friday night. He’s a brotha, 21 years of age & in good equipment. Even has Bubba Wallace as a mentor. Rooting for him like I am Bubba.

    Peace out.

  3. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Rod, Karen and JPS Crew,

    I hope all is well.

    Did y’all see the Cavs vs Mavericks game? THE STRUS WAS LOOSE FROM BEHIND THE FUCKING LOGO! THAT WHITE BOY WAS AN ACTIVE SHOOTER IN THE BUILDING, NO NRA! Cavs are fun right now and #2 in the East! The East belongs to Cleveland!

    Some folks got that “built different” mentality; like emotionally cosplaying as Dr. Doom, which is why everyone from LLC Twitter scammers to 7 On 7 coaches can cite it. And some folks are literally built differently, like 6’5, 255 lbs, Cam Newton.

    What happens when the emotionally “built different” folks try to square up with the physically built different? One of your homies gets put in a head look while Cam throws another like washed laundry he don’t feel like folding. All Cam Newton does is wear loud ass outfits, be big as an oak tree and smile; Cam has smiled through his truck flipping over on the highway; the time he tried to twist Josh Norman’s head off his shoulders; and again while handling these overly serious hating ass niggas smdh.

    I hope y’all have a wonderful evening and thanks as always for the dope shows!



  4. Romey_Rome

    What’s up to Karen, Rod and Jam Newton. Can yall believe niggas are out here fighting Cam Newton at his own camp? I take back everything I said in the chat about fighting football players. Cus Cam was handling them fools like the Armored Titan. Keep it up. Love the show.

    • Romey_Rome

      On another note when will this storming the court bullshit stop. First Caitlyn then Filipowski. Will it take a fight or someone seriously getting hurt?

  5. RoninRaphael

    Hello to the best sports trio in the game. I believe that I have a story from the soccer world that might be of interest to ya’ll. Hit the crime soundbite…


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