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Rod and Karen discuss Airbnb banning indoor cameras, pilots fall asleep on plane, Mike Epps update on Richard Pryor movie, Usher went to see Russell Simmons, Michelle Obama shuts down presidential talk, DNA analyst manipulated data, LGBTQ News, St. Louis news anchor apologizes for saying “colored,” AI images of Trump with Black people, FL man put drugs up his butt, woman attacks child for calling her booger face, kilt wearing man gets anal on em and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Shoebootie

    “shoebootie WHITE” noooo!

    Plot twist: I’m mixed!

  2. ApiafromGermany

    Russia is definitely not a Christian country. In fact, in the times old school communism Christianity was seen a a threat to the system because communism was supposed to be religion-like. Of course christians still exist there, they are mostly orthodox. But not with the political power they have for example in the US.
    It’s not hard to find this out. But some need to find it out in real time, I suppose.

  3. EvieE

    I’m kinda on the fence about indoor cameras in Airbnb. On one hand these cameras can be an invasion of privacy and some owners abuse their usage and on the other hand there are bad tenants and they need proof of the state that sometimes the guests leave these properties in. There has to be a happy medium but I think this may make the owners charge even more crazy rates. It’s just not worth it anymore. I’d rather stay at a hotel.

  4. ApiafromGermany

    Michelle Obama would be for me the American president of my foreign dreams, but I absolutely understand why she doesn’t want to run.
    She was treated terribly and she she was “ just” the First Lady. Imagine the racism if she run for president.

  5. C Baby

    I was always afraid to use Airbnb because of the possibility of cameras hidden in the home. It’s both great and horrible to hear that I was right. Hopefully this ban helps cause no one deserves to be turned into voyer porn without their consent.

    • mikol-sounds-like-michael

      I agree, but also I think the kind of people who make voyeur porn and probably don’t care about AirBnb rules. And you’d have to do a lot of sleuthing to figure out if a spycam is around. They put them in a lot of random stuff these days. It’s kind of scary.

  6. C Baby

    (You don’t need to read this on the feedback. It’s a PSA for those who stop by the site and will be outdated by then)
    If your version of this episode cuts off during Guess The Race, you can watch the rest of the episode on YouTube.

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