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2872: Martin Shkreli, Milo Yiannopoulos and George Santos

Rod and Karen banter about incremental workout improvements, needing video game help in real life and Ciara getting thique and the Shaun King biopic. Then they discuss NYC cutting library budgets again, Cowboy Carter, Trey Songz meet and greets, the Bling Bishop convicted, YesJulz fired by Milo Yiannopoulos, police claim rats are on weed, Dollar Trees closing leads to thoughts on social media vs real life solutions, Don Lemon show canceled by Elon Musk, Black Capitalists, man dismembers Uber Eats driver, 4chan troll arrested, spring break mistake and sword ratchetness.

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  1. SymSymma

    Hey yall! Catching up on the podcast and this was so hilarious! I could see Denzel in Ocean’s 19 saying “I’m leaving wit somethin” and I am cackling. Karen was killing it this episode. That 52 year old “Spring Breaker” was jokes for days. I had to pull over. Arthritis acting up in the rain but he want to be in the streets. Thanks for the much needed laughter

  2. Sean

    I walk out of my local library Saturday afternoon, put on my headphones to listen to a podcast on the way home, and what are all y’all talking about? Libraries! Libraries need to be open every day of the week. They are one of the best uses of public funding and need to be given more, not less!

  3. Tootietaurus

    Hey Rod & Karen! It’s ironic to me that my 1st episode back listening after a couple of weeks you mentioned Coco Brown & her fire. It’s good she has Tyler Perry! I need my own Tyler Perry! Late night on Feb 29th my neighbor had a fire that destroyed their unit. We got ALL of the smoke damage as a result & also lost EVERYTHING we own!! We literally only had the pajamas on our backs. I didn’t know that severe smoke damage was equally as bad as fire –u still lose everything!! Me and my kid spent 2 weeks in a nice hotel & are now in a new (empty) unit starting all over again. Please increase your renter’s insurance policies people!! Trust me it’s never enough when you’re literally starting from zero!! Happy to be back! I’ve missed yall! -Karena aka TootieTaurus

  4. ApiafromGermany

    Those guys are all similarly awful but even as white men they look very different. Loved this segment. All the stars.

  5. EvieE

    Rod how dare you. If Queen Karen doesn’t want to Google she doesn’t have to. That’s what you’re there for. Besides Milo, george santos and Martin skrelli are all just different sides of the same piece of shit.

    Karen was on fire this episode especially when she was roasting that 52 year old spring breaker. When she said I bet his knees buckle when he walks, I lost it.

    • brooklynshoebabe

      Karen was on fire! I could not keep track of those dirt bags.

  6. Justin

    I think the white polticain that Karen was talking about was Madison Cawthorn. The white young man in the wheel chair who said that republicans were having cocacine sex ogies and then somehow a video of him doing something sexual with his cousin was released.

  7. Shoebootie

    one more … for Oceans 13, Reginald VelJohnson will play the old guy, former cop. Officer Winslow, their man on the inside!

  8. Shoebootie

    You hit the nail on the head regarding food deserts and lack of accessibility. The US has a problem with walkable communities, or even bike-friendly communities. Suburban and rural areas, you’re set up for failure if you don’t have a car, linked directly to getting affordable food. My town has a King’s supermarket and a Fresh Market, neither of which are affordable. What if I didn’t have a car to drive me to Walmart or Shoprite? I’d be screwed because even though it’s still in the same town, it’s still not walkable to get to the store. Growing up, poor family with one or no cars, my brother and I would walk with my mom when we were LITTLE little, to help carry bags of groceries home, a 2 mile walk for us. This problem comes from the fact of qui bono – who benefits, and it’s always shareholders who are benefitting from these problems existing, and no one benefitting from solving them and creating a better quality of life for the community.

  9. ApiafromGermany

    Dear Karen. I love you. I know you don’t want to hear it, but you are not really old. I’m one year older. I can hike for 4-5 hours in the mountains with no problems. I can do 2 minute planks at least. In the last year I learned to do the yoga crow for 2 seconds only, but still!


    I don’t think I’m special at all! It’s all practice and taking it step by step.
    And staying with it.
    The body can learn new stuff and improve the function after 40, if you want it to happen.
    I believe in you and know it’s true! It’s fun to see how much you can improve!

  10. RamseyDeeJenkins

    Five stars for the episode. I am glad you both shouted out Russell and Ciara. I root for their love!

  11. mikol-sounds-like-michael

    As an autistic, I could really use some of those video game instructions in real life! I usually make do just fine, but my stress levels would reduce 99% if I knew they’d be reliable instructions or helpful NPCs in every new situation.

  12. brooklynshoebabe

    BrooklynShoeBabe a.k.a. Kisha, everyone’s favorite period power librarian here. As a 19 year veteran of the Brooklyn Public Library, I really appreciate you all supporting NYC ‘s libraries and public libraries in general. Libraries really are more than just places to get free books, internet, computer use and research. Public libraries are one of the last few public spaces that people can go and not pay money. Because of the failing government social safety nets, libraries act as free (unofficial) daycare, safe centers for the unhoused and migrants seeking asylums, recreation centers for lonely seniors,heating and cooling centers during extreme weather, and a place to get city IDs, meet with a social workers, and provide volunteer opportunities for teens that need volunteer hours to graduate from high school. We offer re-entry services for the formerly incarcerated, ESOL classes, computer classes, resume and career assistance, college application help, and so many other services. We’re not paid enough for the amount secondary trauma we absorb daily, and the threats we get from the mentally unstable or political extremists. I could go on, but I had to really rep the importance of public libraries and thank you for always talking about how awesome libraries are.

    • Shoebootie

      Library Love! It’s more of a whole community support and not just “here’s some books.” I read one library around here has a whole lending library of things that people can borrow, like mobile hot spots, computer equipment, and even different baking pans! My library has a community garden which is great, but I’m going to ask them about a more ADA accessible section for those who might need it. My local library even helped my daughter with severe dog phobia get over her anxiety with their “read to a dog” program, where they bring in service dogs for kids to practice their reading skills with. A good library is a town’s best resource for people of all ages. Thank you for your service, Brooklyn Shoe Babe!

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