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PG 401: The Many Beefs of Justin

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss the facial hair, Vince Staples Show, crime bills coming back, music, the chiropractor, the gym, listener feedback, local news, and reality TV show news.



    Hey just dropping in to say HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY KAREN!!! Aries gang

    See y’all in bds

    Fyahworks out

  2. Mary

    Hi Rod, Karen & Justin,
    I always enjoy hearing the local goings-on – specifically the elections and politics — in Charlotte and North Carolina. I love that you keep beating the drum for voting locally and in the smaller elections and the impact that it has. I wanted to share some really great news from our state capital. This past Tuesday, the Sacramento city council passed a resolution to declare our state capital a “sanctuary city” for transgender people. So what that means is that no city resources will be used to criminalize trans people seeking transition-related care nor will it cooperate with jurisdictions seeking to enforce laws that would criminalize that care. This is huge and will bring comfort to many people. And all done locally. Vote, people! Keep up the good work!

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