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Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, NFL free agency, Simon Biles celebrates her husband changing teams, escort at NBA game, Brittany Mahomes dealing with injuries, UNC/Duke aftermath turns ugly, Antonio Brown puts up AI pic of Taylor Swift, Gobert fined, Flau’jae’s brother arrested, Brock Purdy gets married, Dame Lillard no comment on dating Glorilla, Deiondra Sanders is preggers, Mike Tyson vs Jake paul, Jasmin Brown’s baby is born, Draya Michelle pregnant by Jalen Green, Lakers have typos in Kobe statue, Britt Reid has sentence commuted, Jaguars employee sentenced to six years, Aroldis Chapman has a special relationship with his mom, Glen Davis used to film porn, Deadspin entire staff laid off, Sabrina Ionescu gets married, Paul Pierce joining Undisputed, Jagr night canceled, Aaron Rodgers for VP, Dak Prescott investigations, Shaq says players weren’t scared of Lebron, Nick Young spills the tea on Draya, Lebron lip reading, Caitlin Clark homage to Kobe, NBA scoring is back down, D’Angelo Russel called “Generational Snitch” by Mase and KD appreciation.


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Rod, Karen and Coach Jim Mulkey,

    I hope all is good with y’all.

    ESPN expanded their coverage of the NCAA Division 1 wrestling tournament to broadcasting the championship bracket on regular cable TV this year and I had a blast watching it. Ohio State had a national champion in Jesse Mendez and Mendez is also the reason I also called Justin “Jrock Hardy” after Mendez closed out a his quarterfinal match against Nebraska’s Brock Hardy with a goddamn spladle AKA “Mussy facing the sky” as Solomon Missouri said on Twitter. Wrestling can be pretty tight ass sport and it’s rare that something memeable happens, so I was howling all last week when folks like Kevon Stage were joking about it. Hitting a splade is difficult but requires 2 key ingredients: 1) a top wrestler who is wildly outta position without leverage (Hardy) and 2) a bottom wrestler with the au-fucking-dacity to try it! Remember when Patrick Ewing asked with ancestral fury *where* that Georgetown nigga learned that terrible shot? That’s the baseline for how a wrestling coach will respond if you get caught in a spladle, especially in the NCAA torunament. But to Hardy’s credit, he won out and finished 3rd.

    I almost went with Coach Jal cuz of Kentucky’s new tradition of going out sad in March against a school no one heard of. And this year, Michael Douglas stunt double from Falling Down came off the bench and had Kentucky in hell!

    Kim Mulkey’s usual attire looks something between “What if Cruella DeVille made line of suits from the Sesame Street puppets” and “The Tubi Original: Not Around My Niggras, He Can’t”. But when Mulkey sat down to tell those lies about an unreleased Washington Post story, she was dressed in regular LSU jacket. That’s how you *know* she fucked up. Aside from the time ESPN’s Kay Fagan wrote a story about Brittany Griner, mentioned Mulkey telling Griner to stay in the closet at Baylor and then Mulkey asked ESPN to fire Fagan. And on the mic, Mulkey slick as sand paper when she tried to skate past this story having been at least a 2 year project. Mulkey did whatever they said she did and then some.

    Thanks as always for the wonderful shows and I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend!

    Peace, Dough

  2. jamielscorpio

    What up Rod, Karen, Juntay Porter. Now I thought his brother had done and said some dumb shit since 2020. But what this nigga did was some Blue Ribbon dumb shit. This amateur hour shit, makes the Ohtani scandal look like some Oceans 11 level scheming. No way did he think nobody was gonna notice that every time he took himself out of a game with a tummy ache there heavy wagers on his unders. The commissioners are going to have their hands full with this sports betting. I don’t know if yall watch the show on HBO the Regime. But Adam Silver gonna have to talk to the corpse of David Stern like Kate Winselett does to her dictator father on the show. As always peace. And PS I betted the over on yall having over 2.5 balls deep episodes for the month of March


    Salutations Rod, K money and Jince young. This week I have a few things to talk about before we close out March madness.

    Vince young out here in bar fights getting sucker punched by white boys! It’s a damn shame! This happened in Houston. And at 9pm too! Apparently an argument broke out about race and it turned physical! How much y’all wanna bet this was Trump related or democrat/republican related! After the sucker punch, Vince stayed down for a few to make sure the coast was clear and got up again. To talk to the police!

    Next, Rod , hit play on brother Ray! Malcolm butler thought it was a good idea to drive drunk in Rhode Island and get arrested! It seem no matter how many times we see this and how bad it can turn out (Henry Ruggs) these dudes still get caught up in dui and domestic violence

    Last night (Wednesday) after Philly lost to the clippers by one point, a frustrated Kelly oubre walks up to all 3 refs and says “you’re a bitch “ “you’re a bitch” and “you’re a Bitch” right in front coach Nick nurse salad, who also was arguing with the refs, although the game was over. So does that mean he will get hit with 3 fines??

    Lastly i checked out the lebron and jj reddick podcast called mind the game and I must say, especially watching on YouTube, it’s very insightful and a completely different podcast from the likes of Gilbert, Paul George, John wall, and even all the smoke! This one is more a basketball enthusiast type podcast where they discuss plays and certain terms and key m words that are called out! It’s 2 men who really have high baske t all IQ discussing the game over wine! I would recommend to hardcore fans and even college athletes! This isn’t a goat debate type podcast!

    That’s all for now, enjoy the Easter weekend

    Appreciate you guys

    Fyahworks out


      P. S.

      As a long time unc fan, this year I have actually followed them through the season, they have a good chance to win it all! with all due respect to papa tips, as long as we go further than duke , it was a great season! There’s always pressure as a 1 seed but I think we can make it to the final four atleast!

      Ok I’m out

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