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SMR 494: The Beekeeper

Rod and Karen review the newest Jason Statham Impossible White Man movie, “The Beekeeper.” They also discuss your feedback for several reviews.

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    The Beekeeper absolutely benefitted from the lowered expectations of it being essentially a “low-tier” January release from a Jason Statham, who is nearing 60. While narrative, it could’ve used a bit more nuanced with the Beekeeper program, Minnie Driver’s character involvement, Phylicia’s character being robbed (and committing suicide) & all the insipid bee puns, I dug the fuck out of this shit ironically & unironically. It’s not as good as any John Wick film or even the first Equalizer, what I really enjoyed about it, was how just enjoyably nutty it was, throughout.

    In fairness, Emmy Raver-Lampman’s character was more steps behind than a game of chutes & ladders & it was a bad look & the one insane Beekeeper at the gas station fighting Jason, I was mostly able to overlook a good chunk of plot holes (I really hate that term) because Statham’s character took on a favorite past time of mine: Fucking up the privileged, fucking up dudebros, fucking up cryptocurrency assholes. Most of that, really negated some of the bad vibes. Had a feeling going into this film, it wasn’t going to take itself that serious, which plays to its benefits, fwiw.

    I last saw this in January, so I may feel slightly different with a rewatch, but I don’t think there’s a chance I’ll dislike it. It’s under two hours, it breezes by, fights are good. It did a good amount well, even if it lives under admittedly lowered expectations.

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