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SMR 495: Dune: Part Two

Rod gives you a solo review of the big blockbuster sequel, “Dune: Part Two.”


  1. RoninRaphael

    As someone who only read book one of the Dune books, this was a great adaptation. Part one and two = the first book so I am curious to see where they go in storytelling. This was gorgeous to watch and the acting was superb. You covered it all Rod.

    However, I woke up petty this morning and I thought about Dave Bautista. Is this the iconic role ? On Zendaya, it’s faithful to the books with a small twist.

    Bravo to the creative team and cast, bravo!


    I feel about the same about Dune 2 as I did the first one, more or less. I’m still on the “Dune for Dummies” instruction manual for these, but I do want more. I loved the cast, I understood the story more here (helps that the pacing’s better than in Part One), visually gorgeous.

    While it’s not my favorite of the year, thus far (My favorite is Love Lies Bleeding & it’s great) it’s absolutely worth the hype & should be talked about. I do think it’s going to get nominations potentially in the effects, sound, music & visual department.

    Also, before I dip, Austin Butler got sick of our shit with the Elvis stuff to play this bad ass motherfucker in Feud-Rautha. Jesus Christ, what a performance. Peace!

  3. The.Shay.Dee.Dame

    Okay, FINE, I’ll go watch Dune 2. I was really waiting to hear a (trusted) reviewer, since the 1st one was very close to “mid”. I’ll rewatch the 1st one to play catch up and go see the second one the next day.

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