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2878: Cozy Ass Trees

Rod and Karen respond to listener feedback.

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Have you ever stood in a long line for an early release of something?


  1. EvieE

    I wouldn’t stand in line that long unless they were giving away a bag of money and even then that bag has to have at least 1000 in it.

  2. ApiafromGermany

    In Germany I absolutely can imagine someone coming up to you and saying, you looked better in the pictures than you look in real life.
    In fact I remember now it happened to me before!
    When I was younger, I was a hot girl. A hobby photographer talked me into taking pictures of me ( if you think in the process there was some shady shit involved and him wanting to date me, you are right, as I noticed way too late)
    The pictures were good. I showed them to a girl I was loosely friends with, and she said, you look better in this pictures than you look in real life.
    There is not really a good answer to that.
    You can’t imagine the level of directness in Germany. People often say what they think. It’s sometimes shocking, sometimes refreshing. Overall I like it.
    When I was in the US for the first time I was confused by the fake politeness and how many things people claimed to “ LOOOOOVE”
    ( ok, they were mostly white ladies who did that) You can’t LOOOOVE everything.

  3. ApiafromGermany

    Congrats Anne on the first comment!
    Rod guessed right about the crime in my city you can read about on the Facebook site.
    It’s mostly: a bike is missing, a picking place full of garbage after the youths had a party or a loud argument between neighbors. The reactions are also predictable, people say: The world is ending! In my youth we always cleaned up, respected the elders and were just glad to be allowed to live!
    This is the worst thing that ever happened!
    I still very much enjoy living here in our city.

  4. Anne

    Wow. That old news segment about people waiting for the new Jordans was from the suburbs of Houston. The mall they were at used to be popular back in the 1980s. Can’t believe my hometown is TBGWT famous.

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