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2884: Race War 2: 2 Race 2 Furious

Rod and Karen banter about Karen’s bday, womens college basketball and Best Buy speaker replacement. Then they discuss Lizzo’s latest IG post, Doja Cat fans mocking her hair, R. Kelly issues warning for those mocking Diddy, Trump updates, LGBTQ News, woman sentence for naked rampage, street view car police chase, stripper stabbing and sword ratchetness.

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  1. angelbabie

    Wow, so listening to you guys talk about Best Buy really hit home because I worked for Best Buy up until the 2nd when you put this episode out, and they fired so many Geek Squad agents over the phone and repair agents that go in the home. They really do not care much about repairs and such and were pushing AI to replace the phones and third parties by changing our hours and limiting what we could do. I was almost in my fifth year with them and was supposed to get a raise this month, but they let go of whole teams and leaders who had 20+ years of tenure without any notice that Tuesday. I will be fine since this will give me an opportunity to figure out life, but yeah. I was in the store when they started changing Autotechs, and everyone was so angry but blamed the Pandemic, while the Autotechs knew Best Buy just didn’t wanna pay them. Best Buy/Geek Squad is definitely not what it used to be, and I don’t think it’ll be around for much longer.

  2. Keith

    Whenever people talk about boycotts (in this case Planet Fitness) one of the things I noticed people, both on the left and the right, doing is talking about how they lost X amount of money because the stock took a dive when they’re talking about like a 2 day blip of movement that means nothing at all and probably isn’t even related to whatever the fake right wing outrage topic du jour is and is probably going to reverse back to what it was in the next few days

  3. TanyaW42

    I might go to hell for this, but when I saw that Candace Owens baby shower photo I was like, “Ohhhh, *that’s* where that drunk lady came from!”

  4. ApiafromGermany

    Congratulations on your birthday young Karen!
    I’m still older because my birthday is in March.

  5. EvieE

    I feel bad for Lizzo because her only crime is loving herself and unfortunately it’s still a radical concept for plus size women to love themselves. People think big girls should cover up and not be seen and people just take unnecessary shots at her. Even that coon Jason Whitlock was clowning her weight. He’s a big guy himself and a coon at that so he truly had no business talking. I didn’t think Lizzo quit music but I would understand if she did because people are so out of pocket. As for Doja cat, those are her people. It kinda reminds me of the story where a woman kept a chimp as a pet and as they grow older they get more aggressive and she was warned to turn it over to a chimp sanctuary or a zoo but the woman wouldn’t listen. One day that chimp ripped her face off. True story. Doja Cat’s chimps are now in the ripping face off strange and now she’s acting surprised. I’m sorry but call me that old black lady in the wheelchair. “I’m supposed to feel sorry for that bitch?”

  6. Norvell

    I love your show I am a Karen Rebel from SiriusXM Rod you are funny and truthful Karen is real y’all have got me hooked . . .

  7. brooklynshoebabe

    My 17 year old and I were talking race and microaggressions, because I’ve experienced a bit at my job lately for the first time in awhile and I have unplaced frustration about it. That lead to a conversation about how you can’t escape “the race war,” and how it shows up in the enjoyment of sports. My kid told me that she was watching the Iowa game with her Dad, and her Dad was feeling like a “traitor” because he was rooting for Kaitlyn Clarke’s team. Why can’t we just enjoy sports with race war agendas? *Sigh*

    • brooklynshoebabe

      *without race war agendas

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