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PG 403: Everybody Knows Karen

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss a Daily Show video, Justin’s relative retiring from the military, helping that drunk white girl, Hornets games, Rod’s elbow hurts, an upcoming funeral, listener feedback and Stevie J News.

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    What’s up guys,
    Please allow me to banter,

    What is with people commenting on things they do not like? In particular EVs?
    It’s like they go out of their way to comment and belittle things. When it’s comes to EVs, if you like your gas vehicles, they are still there and on sale. No one is taking them from you, so to go on a post and talk bad about them does what exactly?

    Have you guys seen on social media, this pop balloon dating show?

    Here’s a clip


    They do males and females, but I guess this is a reflection of the current dating market. Friends and family I know seem to use online dating instead of the old fashioned way and have not been as lucky as they might have hoped but what are you guys thoughts on online dating and this show in particular?

    Have a great weekend

    Fyahworks out

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