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BDS 513: A Duke Loss >>>

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Rashee Rice hit and run, Emmanuel Acho causes controversy, NC State beating Duke, LaVar Ball blames shoes for sons’ injuries, Savanna James podcast, Kobe’s ring sells for almost a million, Jeff Landry threatens LSU scholarships, March Madness 3 point line issue, Tiger gives up sex, Shohei conspiracy, Patrick Mahomes deletes P Diddy tweets, Joel Embiid acknowledges depression, Paul Pierce NCAAW commentary, Russell Westbrook vs another fan, Chiefs could move team, NFL Network firings, Pat Mahomes Sr legal trouble, Vikings coach suspended, Cameron Sutton turns himself in, Shilo Sanders declaring bankruptcy and PGA-LIV merger taking too long.


  1. Mary

    Hey all,
    Did y’all see Klay on Draymond Green’s podcast?

    They talked about which NBA family would win in a game. There were a few mentioned like the Hollidays and the Lopezes, but who you got if it’s Klay-Trace-Mychal vs. Steph-Dell-Seth. Everyone in their prime. Klay said the Currys are too little LOL.

    Second, Draymond did something pretty awesome. He asked Klay how he really felt and thought about when he gets ejected. You can see Draymond’s emotion and vulnerability, and he’s very real about “be brutally honest.” Klay gave a thoughtful answer and it shed some light about what Draymond has allowed Steph and Klay to do from a leadership standpoint. I think what I took most from this is that we as outsiders can have our opinions and observations, but those three – Dray-Klay-Steph – only those three (possibly Kerr) really know. It is clear theirs is a strong relationship. It’s not for me to understand or like Draymond, but those two guys clearly do have a bond with that man, so is he worth it? If they say so, then he is.


    Hey bds world

    It’s the juice replying from hell or heaven (depending on if you found me guilty or not)!!!

    Oh man! Fred Goldman must be at home doing the Birdman hand rub when he heard about this! He said :
    “It’s no great loss to the world. It’s a further reminder of Ron’s being gone,”

    The juice passed away from cancer! A cancer I ain’t even know he had! RIP

    In other news, things ain’t looking good for rashee rice, who had been issued an arrest warrant, facing eight counts — aggravated assault, collision involving serious bodily injury and six counts of collision involving injury! Sounds like a flag was thrown! Personal foul offense 15 yard penalty , 4th down!!!!

    Ok rod, Ray Lewis. Me please!

    Former nba player, Ben mclemore was arrested on a rape charge in Oregon. He ain’t been in the league since 2021. He was arrested last week
    And he’s facing one count of unlawful sexual penetration and two counts of sexual abuse — in addition to the rape charge.

    Lastly Skip bayless had some kind word for bronny James entering the mba draft this summer, or did he? He says bronny is nba ready, especially if he plays along side his father. Do y’all think he was trolling or he sees something? I haven’t really followed usc games, I did see they lost a lot and he had no stand out games nor did he put up a lot of stats! So I’m really not sure what to think, but this is Skip we are talking about….

    Appreciate y’all

    Have a great weekend

    Fyahworks out!!!

  3. greatunclebob

    Goodbye Twitter World. RIP Juice. 7 time “Make em mad” All-Star

  4. csick

    I get it’s jokes, and y’all don’t be knowing sports is part of the schtick but Rashee Rice was actually good last season, nearly 1000 yards and 12 yards per catch as a rookie. He was one of the lone bright spots on that otherwise dismal receiving core that somehow Kaepernick, I mean Mahomes won with. He was definitely going to be in their long term plans at receiver. But you might be right, they could probably plug in almost anyone and they get 1000 yards with Kaeperhomes throwing to him.

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