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BDS 514: Goodbye, Twitter World

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss the death of OJ Simpson, listener feedback, Rashee Rice update, Ben McLemore arrested for sexual assault, Jon Jones under investigation for threatening the pee police, Ja Morant win court battle over basketball court battle, Terrell Suggs arrested after Starbucks dispute, Lana Rhoades spilling the tea, Shohei’s interpreter facing charges, Suns fan arrested for sex crimes, Celtics shoot zero free throws, Shaq pranks teammate, Lindsey Harding interviewing for NBA jobs, 76ers fined for Embiid injury report, JJ McCarthy college anecdote, NFL game in Brazil and Tryonn Lue caught looking at titties!


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Rod, Karen and Jontay Porter!

    I hope all is well.

    Do y’all think the Super Porter Brother’s parents spent the last week staring at their ceiling wondering how both they sons made it to the NBA and are both dumbasses? Michael Porter Jr said COVID-19 was being used for population control and Jontay is at least as dumb if not slightly dumber?

    At least Pete Rose and recently Calvin Ridley had folks defend them on “well they bet on themselves to win, so what’s the problem?”, which is up there with “I mean Ime was shopping dick around his job consensually, so what’s the problem?” as reasons HR departments need to tell folks obvious shit. Terrible reasoning but I can at least understand the logic. Jontay Porter was on Discord giving *point shaving* forecasts and had greedy niggas thinking no sports book would notice all these unders cashing on Jontay fucking Porter?

    The Cavs ran away from the grind in the name of avoiding the Knicks, Bucks and Pacers when they tanked that final regular season game. I feel Rozay thinking about Drake: I’m disgusting by these shenanigans. I have nothing but contempt for the Orlando Tragic franchise (fuck Dwight Howard and Hedo Turkelu (no, that’s not how his name’s spelled but fuck him)) but if Cleveland got cooked somehow? I’d be sick but they deserved it. Could’ve ran it back against the Knicks but said “my bad, y’all got it”. What an u serious J Cole ass team smdh.

    What are y’all looking forward to in the playoffs other than Doc Rivers leading Milwaukee on what has to be one of the nastiest classy to ashy transitions in recent memory?

    Shouts out to the Chicago Sky on drafting Camilla Cardosa *and* Angel Reese!

    I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend and thanks for the dope shows!




    What’s up
    rod Karen and jlay Thompson

    Damn do or die game and that ain’t my fault all star puts up Krispy Kreme donuts! 0 points. Is wild! Felt sorry for Wardell but this is a sign the “dynasty “ is over! Time to break up the splash brothers and donkey. I’ve heard rumors or Klay going Orlando or Dallas. But Kerr gave us a or answer saying we want Klay back! Cp3 also said he ain’t retiring and is returning for a 20th year to hit ppl in the balls. Where could y’all see him? Because it won’t be in San Francisco.

    They done threw jontay porter under the jail
    With a lifetime ban from the nba. Maybe he will become. A spokesperson for draft kings or play over seas! They said he made 2.5 million playin, but only 21k in winnings gambling! Talk about fumbling the bag!!!

    Lastly shout out to the wnba draft for having the highest ratings of 2.4 million
    To see where Caitlin Larry bird Clark and angel Magic Johnson Reese were going. Look forward to seeing them on the pro level. They also came out with Caitlin contract offer. Let’s just say thank god for NIL and the 8 figure deal she bout to get from Nike.

    You guys have a great weekend

    Fyahworks out!

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