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TNO 209: Beau Demayo Innocent!

Rod, Karen and Joe discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Xmen97 show runner fired, Watch Dogs live action movie, Akira Toriyama dies, Dakota Johnson vs Sony, Playstation exclusives hurting the bottom line, WB delists Adult Swim video games, The Batman 2 sequel pushed back, Peacemaker season 1 isn’t cannon, Live action Teen Titans movie in the works, Apple sued by the DOJ, live action Popeye movie, Larian Studios not making Baldur’s Gate 3, GTA 6 production moving back to the office, police using Lego heads on suspects, Scar Jo in talks to star in Jurassic World movie, Kristen Stewart, Gearbox sold from Embracer to Take-Two, Isekai in the Oxford dictionary, Solo Leveling director went too hard, new Matrix movie announced, ESRB face scanning proprosal rejected, Crunchyroll announces profiles, Kirsten Dunst wasn’t asked to be in Spider-Man: No Way Home, Brightburn 2 not happening, Life is Strange toxic workplace, Gears 6 announced, old games taking up all gaming time, Jon Snow spinoff no longer happening, Star Wars Outlaws early access, Dead Space 2 Remake not happening, Nia DaCosta in talks to direct 28 Years Later, Heroes Eclipsed series returning, The Last Ronin R-Rated Live Action movie, Transformers / GI Joe movie announced, Star Trek streaming shows coming to an end, Fallout 4 update coming soon, Slay the Spire 2 won’t be on Unity engine, Thunderbolts*, GAME laying off staff and Japanese man arrested for Pokemon cheating.


  1. rodimusprime

    G’Day Everybody,

    Since it’s already Saturday here, I’d like to start by saying May the 4th Be With You & happy Star Wars Day to those who celebrate.

    Also, yesterday I was able to get tix to the 3 day Star Wars Celebration convention in Tokyo next year.

    Lately I’ve been playing this Planet Zoo game. It’s a zoo builder game & you make your own or do the career mode & meet objectives to complete the story. I smashed through the career mode & have been having a great time building enclosures for the animals. Also, got a couple of really low % achievements.

    & lastly, that X-Men 97. What a great show. Hopefully some shenanigans happen & my guy Gambit comes back. But if not, he went out on a great line.

    But for now, I’m off to build some of my new Star Wars lego & watch Star Wars stuff over the weekend

    Have a good 1



    Fellow nerds, what’s crackin’?

    Street Fighter 6 has finally got me hooked, even with its soon approaching one year anniversary in June. A lot of fighting games need to implement “modern” or “simplified” control scheme for people who can’t nail down a 10 button input for a finishing move. Been playing fighting games since that damn Ranma fighter for the SNES, which had me throwing my controller at walls & closets. I just love how casual friendly it is for folks like me, who don’t have the time to practice as Chun-Li, Ryu or JP. Been having a great time with World Tour & been playing the Arcade Mode a decent amount. I just love it & that franchise has always given me hell, because you have to be content with potentially losing a lot. A lot of fighters have that hanging over the player but Street Fighter since 2 can be humbling.

    Oddly enough, I’ve been playing the DS again. I only restarted it, because I’m moving out of an apartment that I loathe & I’ve been playing it off & on. Even bought a few new games, as I intend on getting a 3DS, all of a sudden. I know it’s deader than the Bucks championship hopes, I just got that old handheld Nintendo itch & I need to scratch it.

    Deadpool & Wolverine look dope. Not that I ever lost faith in Marvel Studios in anyway. I am pleased that with this project & all of what happened during 2023, they’re getting the ball back rolling (I just wish peeps kept that same energy to The Marvels, as well).

    X-Men 97 is great, Giancarlo Esposito’s Parish on AMC is a good time & I’ve been watching that Good Times show on Netflix, which is anything but a good time. I will finish the show, it’s just a massive missed opportunity & it just gives the haters more ammunition to shit on black creatives & not be consistent with other good &/or great black shit.

    At least, Fall Guy was nice. Have a good one, y’all.

  3. RoninRaphael

    Hello fellow Nerds from the Vault,

    While waiting for X-Men’97 episodes to drop I started watching Fallout and yes, I didn’t play the video game. However, I had a great time with the show and Walter Goggins delivers again. Can’t stop saying Okey dokie now. I’m glad to hear that Amazon already greenlit a S2

    There have been some really great storytelling this year!

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