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SMR 498: The Fall Guy

Rod and Karen review the Rom Com Action Flick “The Fall Guy.” They also discuss movie trailers and your feedback.


  1. Selester63

    I enjoyed this movie, nice chemistry and comedic timing between Gosling & Blunt. And all the stunt action was great. I remember watching The Fall Guy TV Series (1981–1986) starring Lee Majors and was glad they gave him a cameo appearance at the end.


    Besides the annoying sound issue I had during the third act of this, Fall Guy is pretty good. The typical Leitch story issues rear their head but it’s balanced out by Ryan Gosling & Emily Blunt’s infectious charm. So much charm, they should make a cereal together. Most of the cast is game for this, to be frank. Stunts deliver & it’s a funny film, throughout. While it’s not something I *NEED* to see again, whether it’s either on cable
    or I watch on stream, I wouldn’t mind popping this in again. If you needed a textbook popcorn film, you might see a poster for this. It’s a good time.

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