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TNO 210: Them Stellar Blade Cheeks

Rod and Karen discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Funimation closure messing anime up, Keanu will voice Shadow, female-led Iron First rumor, One Punch Man movie update, Invincible video game crowdfunded, Take-Two layoffs, Helldivers 2 CEO speaks on realities of running a live service game, LittleBigPlanet server shutdown, Witcher Spin-Off canceled, Kraven the Hunter pushed back, Fallout 4 update blindsides mod creator, Fallout TV show is second most watched in Amazon history, Stellar Blade censorship controversy, Mario Kart toy recall, Xbox gaming financial report, Net Neutrality restored, BlizzCon canceled, flamethrower robo dog, Fallout TV show increases Fallout game players, Kingdom Hearts movie, Hasbro betting on in-house game development, Batman Arkham VR game, Kevin Feige told Hugh Jackman not to come back and play Wolverine, X-Men 97 mansion, Michelle Yeo receiving presidential medal, Redfall anniversary passes with no DLC, gator that inspired Loki gator kidnapped, Horizon: Zero Dawn pulled from PS store, Starfield update, Crunchyroll raising prices, My Adventures with Superman season 2, Chris Hemsworth wants another Thor movie and the Candy Crush priest.



    What’s up, Rod, Karen & splendid guests.

    The X-Men 97 finale delivered. Obviously, Magneto had to show Logan’s hard-headed ass why he’s that nigga. I loved the finale, what it sets up & the season altogether. Jean Grey yeeting Sinister’s fix-a-flat DNA was so good, too. All ill do is rewatch & patiently wait for season 2. Wonderful job Marvel Studios. Pablo, Mina & David talked about the show on Pablo’s podcast. It was good, but they started doing that “what Marvel Studios should learn from X-Men 97” they all sounded like some nitpicking nancies about the prior slate. I’m not going to rehash it, at this point, because I’m pretty talked out about a successful studio that turned 17 recently. Like those folks, liked the episode, but it’s tired.

    Saw Furiosa yesterday & really enjoyed it. Not as good as Fury Road & it has some pacing & VFX issues but it’s a welcome installment into Mad Mad. Chris Hemsworth kills it.

    Nearly done with Pressure Wash Simulator but I’m currently kickin’ it doing some SpongeBob objectives before doing that big ass boat, which I’d assume is the grand finale (correct me if I’m wrong)? Also, played Street Fighter 6 online for the first time. I got my ass whooped & became a family man.

    Have a great weekend.

  2. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Nerd Off Crew,

    EA released the trailer for College Football 25 and among different songs people online remixed over the trailer, someone put “Fox You” by Coldplay and I almost teared up cuz the NCAA football series, specifically playing NCAA 06 in high school while nursing my first major concussion, is what led me to being the college football fan that I am. I had made myself the QB at Tennessee (I love that shade of orange) and won 3 Heismans running the option. That game also led me to stumbling up on Everyday Should Be Saturday, which then led me to finding SB Nation’s Bomani & Jones show, which eventually led me to finding y’all’s podcast. The NCAA gaming folks are such a nerdy ass community and I am so happy that this game series is almost back. I can’t wait to run the option, have a roster with like 6 Black QBs (I don’t have it in me to switch them to other positions) and drop like 90 on light in the ass Colorado. It’s gonna be fucking amazing. Also, CRB 25 is finally gonna be the reason I upgrade to whatever the new Xbox One is called.

    Also I cannot *wait* to drop 100 American points on my nephew. That child has no idea what to do when I call Four Verts 40 times in a game.

    My girlfriend has gotten me caught up on “Stranger Things” and goddamn that show is amazing. Hopper is an elite Impossible White Man; the kids are dynamic and fantastically written; Joyce might be the smartest parent in sci-fi/horror; Erica is *delightful* and has a proper disdain for Russians. Honestly my only complaint is they let those two white boys stick with bowl haircuts all the way through season 4.

    I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the holiday. Stay nerdy y’all!



  3. Sean

    Other than the fact Hugh Jackman is way too tall to be a decent Wolverine, I’ve enjoyed his version of a Wolverine-like character and am glad to see him back in the Deadpool movie… Let’s hope he lasts longer than Brad Pitt in DP2…

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