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TNO 210: Them Stellar Blade Cheeks

Rod and Karen discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Funimation closure messing anime up, Keanu will voice Shadow, female-led Iron First rumor, One Punch Man movie update, Invincible video game crowdfunded, Take-Two layoffs, Helldivers 2 CEO speaks on realities of running a live service game, LittleBigPlanet server shutdown, Witcher Spin-Off canceled, Kraven the Hunter pushed back, Fallout 4 update blindsides mod creator, Fallout TV show is second most watched in Amazon history, Stellar Blade censorship controversy, Mario Kart toy recall, Xbox gaming financial report, Net Neutrality restored, BlizzCon canceled, flamethrower robo dog, Fallout TV show increases Fallout game players, Kingdom Hearts movie, Hasbro betting on in-house game development, Batman Arkham VR game, Kevin Feige told Hugh Jackman not to come back and play Wolverine, X-Men 97 mansion, Michelle Yeo receiving presidential medal, Redfall anniversary passes with no DLC, gator that inspired Loki gator kidnapped, Horizon: Zero Dawn pulled from PS store, Starfield update, Crunchyroll raising prices, My Adventures with Superman season 2, Chris Hemsworth wants another Thor movie and the Candy Crush priest.

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  1. Sean

    Other than the fact Hugh Jackman is way too tall to be a decent Wolverine, I’ve enjoyed his version of a Wolverine-like character and am glad to see him back in the Deadpool movie… Let’s hope he lasts longer than Brad Pitt in DP2…

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