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BDS 516: That’s a Big Joker

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, the NBA playoffs, Kelly Oubre Jr gets in a wreck, the Porter Bros, Joker’s brother punches someone, Glorilla and Dame Dollar, Kelsey Plum and Darren Waller split, Caitlin Clarks gets 28 million dollar Nike deal, Reggie Bush gets Heisman back, David Tepper embarrassing Charlotte again, Tank Dell gets minor injury in mass shooting, NCAA in talk to settle NIL suit, Candace Parker retires, Dave & Busters to allow betting, Dolphins get 10 billion dollar offer, Josh Giddey trolled by fan, Spo’s ex on the IG trapping, Gilbert Arenas engagement ring suit explained, Lakers open to drafting Bronny, Kayla Nicole at the Lakers game, Stephen A Snitch, Kevin Porter Jr ready to return to NBA, LaMelo gets back tat, boobs at the Lakers game identified, Xavier Worthy’s mom, Johnny Manziel dating news, Chiefs player arrested in Charlotte and Stephon Diggs’ brother sentenced for elevator beating.


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Rod, Karen and J 14 ft of Disappoinment,

    I hope all is well.

    Free my nigga Ant Man from the oppression of 14 Feet of Beige Futility. He dropped 44 points, T Wolves still got cooked and I gotta say that it felt very Lebron-ian to see a team fall to pieces like that when their lone offensive threat is resting. Denver double teamed Ant Man and Minnesota’s offense died smdh. Joker out here in the kitchen making Rudy Goulash and even jumped to dunk the ball last night?

    No Chill Gil fried Rudy for being at the birth of his child instead of at a playoff game and that completely tracks with everything we been known about Gilbert Arenas.

    About goddamn time the WNBA got charter flights for their players! Caitlyn Clark got put in Alcatraz for her first game but I think she’ll adjust and get to balling soon enough, even though several folks got a target on her back. I think it’s weird that folks think it’s weird that WNBA vets are taking aim at Clark like they ain’t *also* hyper competitive professionals.

    I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend and thanks as always for the dope shows!



    What’s up guys

    Hope all is well,
    1)I checked out the roast of Tom Brady and I thought it was awesome. I haven’t seen a roast in a while and this one was funny. Sam Jay was good, Tony hinchcliffe was really funny, and Kevin hart was Kevin hart. I think Tom Brady kinda regretted it afterwards but it can’t be undone.

    2. wasn’t it after game 2 of the Denver nuggets, Minnesota timberwolves series, that they were was calling ant man, the next Michael Jordan? They even said he was his long lost son, did the split face comparison and everything. 3 games later, it’s crickets as the wolves are on the verge of elimination. Since Rudy got back from having his child, they ain’t been the same. But at the same time Denver woke up and showed why they are the defending champs.
    3. Lastly, Lebron was at the Cleveland game the other day, are you guys looking anything into that? Justin do you like the JJ reddick potential hire as next head coach of the lakers? As of me writing this, he is currently the favorite. It was also said, that coach K was an unofficial consultant on the search for a coach! How ironic that coach k, former duke coach and jj reddick former duke player is the favorite? Bronny went viral for his combine, and now more teams are interested besides the lakers. The lakers think that’s the way to keep Lebron, but I feel Lebron might be over that play with my son phase.
    Have a great weekend you guys

    Fyahworks out

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