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2906: Baseball, Diddy and Cardi

Rod and Karen banter about their first live baseball game, a Corona commercial and Karen ruins Rod’s McDonald’s joke. Then they discuss a video of Diddy attacking Cassie, an update on the viral teacher, man about to be sentenced for attacking Pelosi’s husband, Cardi B is not voting, new music expected for Lauryn Hill, Greg Abbott pardons man who murdered BLM protester, Missouri allows man with KKK ties to run and sword ratchetness.

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  1. chubbzero

    Happy Saturday rod and karen. I got a question for you guys. Am I wrong for not being interested in the whole gaza/Palestine conflict? To be honest, I’m concerned with the presidential election in November more than anything. Because if Biden doesn’t win… I don’t want to think about it to tell the truth. I was speaking to one of my co workers the other day [white guy], we were talking about the upcoming election. Now I had previously told him that I always vote, I have no choice. I Told him because my ancestors literally died for me to vote, I just can’t not vote, and i always vote democrat. So he started this “both sides” mess talking about he feels like they’re all crooks. I got frustrated. [this is why you don’t talk about politics at work] I asked him your feelings over facts? He’s like “yes”. So I broke it down the best way I could, I said if 1+1=2 and you say “well I feel like it’s 5!” That’s stupid! The FACT is trump tried to overturn an election, the FACT is trump is a rapist! the FACT is that trump is a racist! The fact is that he’s just a morally bankrupt and has no business being the potus!you know what he asked me then? He said if the GOP had a black candidate would I vote for them? I said like tim scott? He said who? I just threw my hands up! My point is and I apologize for this lengthy comment but I told him “man you talk about how you feel but fuck your feelings!” Facts>feelings all day every day! Once again I apologize for the rant and you guys have a nice memorial weekend. Oh yeah rod, I heard you on karen hunter yesterday with broussard when you asked about the kc kicker. I knew it was about to get spicy because I had heard him earlier in the week discussing it with rob parker. Chris is a piece of work huh? Alright yall. Take it easy!

  2. Shoebootie

    I love going to baseball games! Minor league is where it’s at. I got married at a baseball stadium last year.

    About diddy “a black man without charges…” no. He has plenty of charges just was slick enough to settle or get them dropped. There is a laundry list of him being aggressive and abusive using violence and threats against men and women since the 90s. His time is up.

  3. RamseyDeeJenkins

    This episode gets five stars. Greg Abbott, Dan Patrick, and Ken Paxton can all kick rocks barefoot. Ugh… I can’t wait for TX to go back to Blue!

    PS. Darrell Leon McClanahan, the third, can suck boogers out of a straw. #Keep him off the ballot

  4. Dj

    Shoot hate always in my vocab. I hate Abbott & Cruz the way Kendrick hate Drake. Hate the ex wish he’d be buried in a glass casket so I can watch the worms eat him away. Sorry for that therapy couch moment I’ll see my way out & pay the Tips secretary on the way out for the session. Lol

  5. mikol-sounds-like-michael

    I appreciate Rod saying “hate” isn’t too strong a word for how he (and Karen) feel about Greg Abbott. That man is evil and hating evil is a righteous thing to me that I’ll never apologize for.

  6. himdeel

    Hey Rod! I was drinking my tea waiting on you to wax poetic about why we don’t have a McFish, when Karen so rudely interrupted the joke…DRACARYS!! I am fuckedwit, I spit my damn tea all over my pants. Karen I expect at least 5 hilarious puns as paymemt for missing out on what could have been comedy gold.

  7. himdeel

    Yep, people that don’t vote or have a platform and nerve to fix they mouf, to say aloud they don’t or won’t vote, and spout non sense about they both bad, just suck, are dumb, can eat all the shit, and are ridiculous, to me.

  8. ApiafromGermany

    About voting in the US I agree with Rod 100%.
    People who say they will not vote and live in good circumstances, make it about themselves and not people who are suffering.
    They are probably not very emphatic.
    But imagine, if the circumstances changed, they would complain how no one cares and how bad the world has gotten.

  9. ApiafromGermany

    I have seen some pics from the Diddy Video and didn’t push play. It was awful anyway.
    Is this the worst video evidence we have ever seen involving a celebrity?
    As Rod said, it’s showing what happens when an abused person tries to leave.
    Violence explodes.
    I’m happy for Cassie that she was able to build a new life for herself and that this experience didn’t break her.
    I’m wonder what will happen next, Diddy should be done for good but what do I know.
    People like to ignore facts they don’t want to believe.

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