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2905: The Grey Area

Rod and Karen respond to listener feedback.

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  1. EvieE

    This has nothing to do with this episode but thought I’d share about a pic I saw on social media. Since you used to review This is Us, all of us fans of the show was broken when Jack died and he couldn’t attend the triplets graduation but there a pic of Milo Ventimiglia at the actor who played teen Randle’s college graduation and I have to admit it kind of touched my icy heart and I feel like I got some closure because it’s like Jack attended Randle’s graduation in another universe.

  2. Shoebootie

    What we AIN’T gonna do is shit on our angel-on-earth Apia.

    (unless its in the form of a devastating rap diss)

  3. Dj

    Hey now why we taking shots at Apia?! Nuh-uh git now, git on outta here with that malarki. I need my real ally white women reading Ta-Nehisi & 1619 Project seriously & not making it about them, over here. Not ashamed to let them bring the “I want to speak to the manager!” energy to help me out. lol

  4. PamelaM8

    Regarding your premium content, it was right around this time ELEVEN YEARS AGO! I’m on Spotify going back through the old episodes, and the first Momcast you had was episode 468 and the very next episode was TBGWT Premium with Chris Lamberth. Good times! Thank you!

  5. TanyaW42

    I’m trying to imagine an ambient diss track…hmm…Brian Eno’s “Music for Drake’s Sorry Ass”?

    And Apia, you’re awesome!

  6. RamseyDeeJenkins

    Five Stars. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on Listener Feedback. I am a week behind, so I am late with the feedback. There are some episodes where I don’t have to leave feedback because the TBGWT Family summarizes my thoughts beautifully! I enjoy reading and reviewing others’ feedback. While we may disagree, the TBGWT Family is passionate and crazy about our podcast hosts.

  7. SlayerZXero

    Yo. Thank you so much for addressing how my tech illiterate ass can get premium. I’m premium and loving it. I also left a 5 star review because I am not a hater. Thank y’all for all the content and also for helping your boy overcome his southern upbringing on LGBT issues. Love the content, intelligence and humor. Your podcast is not just edifying; it is entertaining!

  8. Sofa_King

    I answered the poll incorrectly by accident: I said that I had seen a movie in a theater this year, but I forgot that The Marvels came out last year, so my actual answer should have been ‘no.’

  9. ApiafromGermany

    About drugs and racism.
    I absolutely believe that lots of forbidding drugs was race related in the US. But in Germany we had a similar development minus the prohibition and race was not a factor ( no black people who could be blamed lived here)
    And heroine is even a German invention!
    So maybe the phases of seeing a substance in changing light are somehow normal.

  10. ApiafromGermany

    To the person who has a problem with me for whatever reason:
    I still wish you well and hope your life is going great.

    • EvieE

      We love you Apia! Need an update on your search for a black friend.

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