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BDS 518: Golf Lives Matter

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, NBA playoffs, Harrison Butker number one jersey, Scottie Scheffler arrested, Caitlin Clark gets Wilson endorsement, dumb WNBA opinions, two more Chiefs player arrested, All-Rookie selections, every support Butker, Jaden Rashada sues over NIL deal, Ryan Leaf slams Jay Glazer, LaMelo and Hornets sued by family, Angel Reese becomes sports team owner, NCAA reaches settlement to pay athletes, TNT will broadcast college football playoff games, JB Bickerstaff fired, Josh Giddy in the clear, Shai set to make record money, Draymond Green, Chris Paul trade to Lakers, Jordyn Woods and KAT share pics and Anthony Edwards’ girlfriend.


  1. rodimusprime

    What’s up Rod and Karen and Justin. First time emailer long time subscriber. Just writing in to get your thoughts on Shedeur Sanders new song Perfect Timing and Darren Waller’s song Who Knew. Love the show! Stay Awesome

    Cam Wall

  2. Sofa_King

    Still playing catch up but, in case you guys didn’t mention it, I wanted to shout out the WNBA’s DeWanna Bonner. About two weeks ago as you’re recording this, Bonner moved into fifth on the WNBA’s all-time leading scoring list. She scored the milestone bucket off an assist from her fiancée and, in doing so, moved past her ex-wife on the all-time list… Now imagine reading that sentence when talking about any other sports league; I’m lowkey surprised that it’s taken y’all this long to start talking more about the WNBA on Balls Deep, ’cause they KEEP some mess going on!


    Hey Rod, Karen & Jantonio Brown.

    I hate the Paul brothers, but give credit where credit is so due on Jake Paul’s prophecy single, “Mr. Whole Lotta Money Gone Broke”. This man filed for Chapter 11 after he burned as many bridges as he did money. And I don’t feel any empathy for this man. He doesn’t pay anyone back, he makes constant excuses & takes zero accountability (Ryan Clark was right!), he shat on Tom Brady (and left him & the Buccaneers high & dry), don’t pay child support, ran an AFL team like shit. I mean, Christ, at his pace, he’ll probably do God dirty before God goes “Joe Clark” on his ass, which may get that asshole outta him.

    I partied on this moribund ass nigga. I did. Matter of fact, with Trump getting hit with all 34 guilty in his NY case & Brown being stupid for my enjoyment, I might need two beers for tonight.

    Mr. Whole Lotta Money Gone CHOKE! Extend that shit to Trump, too! Fucking. Love. It.

    Y’all need to play that clip of y’all getting y’all lives to Jake Paul.

    Peace out, y’all.

  4. J-Full

    Scottie Scheffler gotta take a knee on the first tee of the US Open in a couple weeks. They’d be ready to ship his ass off to LIV

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