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Rod and Karen respond to listener feedback.

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  1. NateYourBoy

    Hi Rod and Karen, always appreciate that you guys actually take time to read and respond to listener feedback. It is a great way to engage, interact and converse with your audience. Thank you.

    I wanted to comment on a question someone asked during this episode about the Diddy video probably being the worst celebrity video we have seen. Unfortunately, I saw something that aired on VH-1 many years ago that showed a well-known Bronx rapper, who passed away in 2000, perform one of the most disturbing acts of domestic violence. It is your show and if you choose to read further, I will leave it to you and Karen. But it was HORRIFIC!!!

    Trigger Warning!!!!
    This BIG rapper is caught on his own security camera having a disagreement with his wife over the location of a gun (as it was reported) and proceeds to PUNISH HER, by pistol whipping her. Immediate she begins to bleed. Eventually the footage shows that he finds what he was looking for and attempts to cuddle with her while she’s still bleeding. I know this isn’t the abuse Olympics and I am not trying to compare, but that footage is burned in my brain as one of the worst things I have ever seen.

    What happens next? After seeing this I was conflicted and felt an odd physical feeling whenever his verses would pop up on songs. I pretty much avoided his albums, not as a protest, but more to limit that odd feeling. This past weekend I was with family and 112 Only You remix came on, and Diddy’s voice elicited a similar feeling. I guess we will see what happens, who supports and who continues to be associated with P. Diddy.

    (PS I accidentally posted this comment to the Glocks and Glaucoma episode also, please ignore)

  2. Sean

    About instrumental diss tracks:
    I remember back in the day Steibelt ran into town and picked a beef with Beethoven. Steibelt went up and riffed on his original piece creating the effect of a storm. Eventually, Beethoven sauntered up lazily. He took Steibelt’s piece and turned it upside down. He then used that to go into a half hour where he completely upstaged Steibelt in every way imaginable… Classical beef is no joke!

    About the McFish:
    May your joke rest in McPower

    About the Teacher:
    As someone who has been to way too many educational institution meetings involving teachers… Verbosity understates the situation…
    And the TikTok teacher, I have one thing to say to him: “Get your shit together. Get it all together and put it in a backpack. All your shit. So it’s together. And if you gotta take it somewhere, take it somewhere ya know? Take it to the shit store and sell it. Or put it in a shit museum I don’t care what you do. You just gotta get it together… Get your shit together.”

    About gay animals:
    I have a newspaper clipping from a while back that reads “one in ten rams ram rams” about research related to animal husbandry. Other than bonobos, most mammals demonstrate around 10% pure homosexuality (with a higher percentage of animals having bisexual behavior). Bonobos, of course, are almost universally pansexual…

  3. ApiafromGermany

    Always when you talk about Simone Biles , i look her up and wonder how someone could think she isn’t pretty. In my eyes she is a very attractive person. And conventionally good looking. What am I missing?

  4. RoninRaphael

    It makes sense now why I’ve been seeing “what did you think about this episode?” as the Q on Spotify, I didn’t think about it the first time and left a typical response until I saw it the 3rd time then I was like Oh!

    Also, just because Israel vs Hamas is going on doesn’t = Israel taking out the Iranian president. Iran has enemies that predate it’s beef with Israel like Saudi Arabia which ties into Islams origin. Man crashed in a region known to be extra foggy his own Supreme Leader could have taken him out (if you’re familiar with the Revolutionary Guard you’d know) Russia and more. They also have a weird beef with the Taliban. So we shouldn’t be adding fire where there’s none, both countries (Israel and Iran ) already retaliated against each other with Biden already saying that we won’t get involved with Israel move (therefore limiting options available). So what benefit is it to Netanyanhu as evil as he is to do something that can potentially unite Iran and Saudi, Turkey (NATO member) and rest of the GCC into attacking him? Even America hasn’t gone that far (well if Trump returns …) the late Iranian president wasn’t even as hardlined as their former president in the early 2000 openly denying the Holocaust every time he had the mic amongst other wild stuff he said. If that dude had been president during Trump, face would have tried to take him out as he would insulted his hair, hands or called him a Nigger. I’ve seen some crazy leaders in my life. Pardon the long write, see why I miss Spotify containing me hahaha .

    Looking forward to what the new hosting site brings. I also heard new hosts too before my brain corrected .

    • RoninRaphael

      Oh btw I’m not implying that anyone took out the Iranian president. I believe it to be an accident, just that they got loads of enemies domestic and foreign like everyone. If I believed he was taken out, I would have posted the link to my BBL Drizzy cruise to the Motherland. Stay tuned!

    • Sean

      Given the number of Iranian military officials and scientists that Israel has assassinated, Bibi’s policy towards Iran is very assassination focused. Not saying that the president dying was an assassination, or that it was done by Israel… just saying that the reason that it is believable is because of Bibi’s war-crimesey foreign policy over the past two-ish decades…

  5. ApiafromGermany

    You can always come to me and ask me to speak to the manager.
    I am even myself a manager, but it’s key account and project manager at big Pharma, so I guess it’s very specific.
    My yoga friend stopped coming to yoga. And I don’t think it’s because of me.
    I thought it was her turn to reach out to me but she didn’t. Maybe I will text her and ask what’s up.
    I have a , for me, new black co worker. ( I’m moved to her department) When I was on tour with her I was suddenly in a conversation about blackness in Germany and her experiences and I was glad that I am aware about some “classic” racism and things not to say learned from you!
    At the end of our conversation I got a compliment for being informed and emphatic and not saying any stupid shit. Yeah!
    So at least I have a new black work friend.

    • ApiafromGermany

      Funny, just after I commented here you said you would never talk about those topics with co workers. I was afraid to say something stupid or hurtful by accident but we were on tour, just the two of us and we were having lunch and I think she wanted to check out if I was a terrible person. I’m glad I passed. It was a very interesting conversation because in der view it’s like a thought, we have individual racism here, hurtful remarks, and people being idiots but not so much structural racism from the state. And what’s also good also not from our company. She said she noticed that the company really is anti racist and doesn’t tolerate any of it and it’s not just talk.

      So that’s good!

    • EvieE

      You should absolutely text your yoga friend. You have to stay committed in your pursuit. I believe in you

      • ApiafromGermany

        Thanks. I do it now.

      • ApiafromGermany

        She said, thanks for reaching out, the yoga times don’t work for us as a family right now, and I’m more in the gym. How are you?
        I said: I’m good! It’s sad that yoga doesn’t work for you at this time.

        Now it’s on her to suggest something.

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