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2911: Glock and Glaucoma

Rod and Karen banter about Karen’s hate of paper straws and love of soupy salad. They also discuss more Diddy fallout, Nicki Minaj arrested in Amsterdam, Travis Scott settles last lawsuit, Sean Kingston and his mama arrested, TI staying away from politics, Herschel Walker sitting on RNC money, Trump gets booed by Libertarians, Israel faces outcry of Rafah strike, fast food now considered a luxury, US vehicles getting older, LGBTQ News, Vegas face eater, grooming bishop, most arrested man of all time dies and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Ssgtballard

    I live about 40 minutes away from where Earl passed away. When I first moved to Kentucky one of the women I met was talking about being a jailer and she described one of the prisoners with this “He had a serious meth addiction but never hurt anyone just was in jail alot.” This seems like a perfect explanation for Earl

    I know a lot of so-called Libertarian Bro’s come across as Republican Lite but the core of the party is not Republican at all. The libertarians were the first to acknowledge and show respect for LGQBT, the first to run a female for vice president and supported Black Lives Matter from the get go. The party is a little more anarchistly managed then either the Dems or GPO but at its core matches a lot of the beliefs you guys support.

  2. EvieE

    I hate those paper straws to but my solution for restaurants that don’t give out straws anymore or have those crappy paper straws is my reusable metal straw. I keep it on my keychain so it’s always with me. It’s in a little capsule so it extends to the length of the cup when you take it out. It’s a game changer. And very inexpensive. I got a box of them from Amazon for less than 10 bucks.

    The Dump party that has taken over the Republican Party are all a bunch of grifters which may end up costing them in the end. They’re all so money hungry, they will end up bankrupting themselves because someone always has their hands in the cookie jar. I hope they not only go broke but drop dead as well. Fuck them.

  3. Sean

    To clarify my vote in the poll. I do not consider fast food a luxury because I don’t consider it at all. Other than the sausage McMuffin set once or twice a year I just don’t eat it.

    Sorry if I broke your science.

  4. ApiafromGermany

    My company started to offer electric cars as company cars and when it’s my turn again ( in 2 years) I might get one.
    It s good for the taxes, as until 2030 I would only pay 25% of the taxes I pay for a regular car.
    And I think we can install a wall box for charging at our home. Oh the sexy tax talk. I love being an adult.

    Diddy seems pretty done right now, and “ not the full story”?
    What could be on it to make it seem better.
    Unless we change the genre to fantasy and she is in reality a huge alien shape shifter who was violent towards him only to change into the shape of a human woman exactly when the video stared, I can’t imagine anything that would excuse him.

  5. Langston

    About the first Guess The Race story. The victim was serving face and the face eater ate. No crumbs.

  6. Yetunders

    I found this article about Henry Early and the people who took care of him and attended his funeral. He sounds like a sweet soul.


  7. mikol-sounds-like-michael

    I’m here for Karen’s paper straws rant! I remember being a kid in the 90s and laughing at my dad when he said that they used to make straws out of paper back in the day. Of course they dissolve and are terrible! And now, we still get tons of single-use plastic stuff at these restaurants, but only the straw is paper. And we’re supposed to think this means we’re saving the planet? Ok… Give me my plastic straw (or one of those compostable plastic-like ones)!

    • mikol-sounds-like-michael

      Just wanted to share also, regarding eating heads of animals, that it’s a Jewish custom on Rosh Hashanah (Jewish new year) to eat some of the head meat from an animal or fish for good luck, since the name of the holiday literally means “head of the year”. I was with some Hungarian Jews one year who convinced me to eat a fish eye. It wasn’t something I’d repeat, but maybe it brought me some luck?

  8. RoninRaphael

    Man what did this episode not have? First shout out to Karen for starting things off. As soon as I heard “fuck the ” I knew that this was going to be a episode. No other podcast can keep me interested with such openings .

    You had man eating face, Earl the Legend (RIP), Walker the … I hope that he takes that money to the grave and never gives it to the RNC. Thanks for that story!

    Rod even forgot to play the “Rod is Right” song over Travis Scott. I never understood why the rules changed for him. However, I get the lawsuits from the families as you had explained in previous episodes. The online blame was just weird, I don’t know the man’s music but I got tired of seeing people clout chasing on he needs to go to jail.

    I said a lot of goddaaaaaaaaam listening to this episode. Great episode and excellent take as always on the Diddy news and everything. Henry Earl is an inspiration for anyone who would like to be in the Guinness Books of Records, just believe!

  9. matureyounglady@yahoo.com

    Hey Rod and Karen!! It’s Erica! While I don’t consider fast food a luxury, I do agree it has gotten quite expensive. I remember when Chipotle was $5.25 for a chicken burrito or bowl. Now it’s almost $10. I went to Panera and spent almost $20 for a soup and salad. They say it cheaper to eat at home however grocery prices are sky high too.

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