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BDS 519: I’m The Pappy

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Wolves vs Mavs, Scottie Scheffler charges dropped, Shedeur Sanders new song, Darren Waller music video, Caitlin Clark, Angel Reese, Shilo Sanders declares bankruptcy, the Curries welcome another child, Zubac has house robbed, Bill Walton dies, Nigerian soccer paternity scandal, Negro Leagues stats integrated into MLB, Isaiah Thomas had AK47 pulled on him, Gabby Douglas injured, people think Taylor Swift is pregnant, a wild NFL flight, another Chiefs player doing crime, Jimmy Butler to the 6ers rumors, Bronny staying in the draft, Gobert getting too much flack, Hayden Hopkins pregnant by MLB player, Colorado football scandals, Blue Jays fan hit with foul ball and Baby Gronk controversial deleted tweet.


  1. Kemdoc

    As a Knick fan, Monica McNutt has become apart of our organization and does a spectacular job covering the Knicks. She also does extremely well on Get Up. Nobody made her. Stephen A tried to do the same thing with Jemele and Michael and it was weird then.

    I have an early prediction: Caitlin and the Fever make the playoffs. With only 12 teams currently, that’s not out of the realm of possibility. Especially with the way their schedule will sort of lighten up. I have stopped even caring about what she has going on. I’m focused on A’ja and the Aces and the way they ball out every single game. Also how they are essentially hazing Kate Martin in the most lit and loving way. What’s not to love about the Champs.

    The media is still on some ‘I wanna call him one…’ when it comes to Kyrie. Last week when they had nothing left to do but craft the worst of narratives, they got back on board with liking him, but only because he was a robin to Luka really. Now the agendas are gonna start getting shifty if he doesn’t produce again an elite defense and a starting lineup and bench that’s essentially the Warriors without personality. I’m thinking Boston in 5 now that Porzingis is back and dominating.

    Finally, my girlfriend texted me last night like ‘help, the love of my life is in love with Josh Hart…what should I do….’ Chile ion know. I love my girl to the end of the galaxy but Josh has a special piece of my heart. Lolol.

    Aight yall

  2. Sofa_King

    So, funny story (not really), I didn’t actually get to listen to the last episode I left a comment on until several hours after I left the comment and, boy, was there egg on my face when I heard y’all talking about what I wrote in about, less than ten minutes into the episode. So this week, instead of me thinking I’m serving y’all tea that done already been spilt, let me just shout out A’ja Wilson for putting that work in on the Dallas Wings earlier this week, despite the Wings trying to use her head like a punching bag. Dallas got the biggest frontcourt in the league, and ain’t had *nothing* for your girl!

  3. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Rod, Karen and Screaming J Smith,

    I hope all is well.

    If I shook my head any harder I’d knock my own neck loose. Stephen A Smith hit a real life surprised Pikachu face when Monica McNutt correctly said that for his Republican hairline and all his decibels, he hadn’t screamed about W in the last 3 years. If that’s the face he makes when caught on some bullshit, what face does he make after his barber finishes lining him up? The “you ungrateful wenches need to let this white woman cook” talking point as tiring as it seems prevalent; Chuck, Lebron James, Shaq, aforementioned Screamin A Smith, Matt Barkley, Doc Rivers unloved son? Who else am I missing? We got a fragile and shocked SAS in the AM and Pat McAfee’s $17 million ITWANpalooza in the PM.

    And the fragility narrative folks are putting on Clark doesn’t seem like it fits who she actual is neither? I read an ESPN profile on Clark from after her freshman year at Iowa and it talked about her looking up to MJ, looking up to Kobe and learning to be nicer to her teammates cuz they were *sorry*! Caitlin Clark sounds like my favorite type of athlete: implacable psychopath. Folks missing out on the fun, unfortunately.

    The Celtics released a hype video narrated by Tom Brady and I want, so badly, for them to get swept by the Mavs. I already wanted Boston to lose but something about Tom Brady narration over Key Glock while celebrating these niggas having such an easy road to the Finals makes me hope they go out sad as hell. I hope Brown spends the whole series trying to prove he has a left hand and for Tatum to shoot only the most headass threes. Fans chant “We want Boston” cuz you just have to wait for them to fall apart. Kyrie gonna need a lotta sage for this one.

    I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend and thanks as always for the dope shows!



  4. Mary

    Hi Rod, Karen, and Justin A. Smith,

    These sports media streets are out of control! The chickens have come home to roost after ESPN let go of all their voices who didn’t Just Stick to Sports. Now they are left with a bunch of men who are wholly unqualified to discuss a sport that is underscored by race-gender-sexuality. What a shitshow. It’s been interesting to see how much sports media has changed – including the “new media” spearheaded by former athletes with no journalistic rigor. I now find myself doing with sports info the same that I do with my regular news – I choose a few sources – podcasts, twitter feeds, YouTube shows – that I trust will either give me intelligent breakdowns of the games or are able to discuss the off-the-court stuff in a way that doesn’t make me cringe. You can’t go to mainstream media or the Hot Take Media for that stuff though. Balls Deep is on my list — who do you all like to listen to?

    On a side note, I live out here in LA, and once a week I drive to a really bougie store for some food stuffs. Anyway, you pass right by the Kobe helipcopter crash site, and the other day I was thinking about how Kobe Knew and how he was such a vocal supporter of the women’s game. As always, Kobe was Different. Then I thought of Gigi, and how she would be 17 years old and entering college at this wonderful time in the sport, and I teared up. What a tragedy.

  5. RoninRaphael

    Salutations to the best sporting trio,

    There’s a lot happening in the soccer world right now. But I thought that this is the right kind of reporting for the show.


  6. Sean

    For the record, as a TB Bucs fan. I was glad to be rid of Antonio Brown… The team performed better in the eight games without him in 2020 regular season than in the eight games he showed up. Then in the seven games he dropped by in 2021 he dropped the ball a third of the time.

    TB did not win the SB because of him, we won it despite him.

    Sorry to get all sportsy, but he is not someone I would want around as a person or a player… Good riddance to bad rubbish.

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