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2913: Rest In McPower

Rod and Karen respond to listener feedback.

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  1. kristenT2617

    For me in regards to Caitlin Clark. I think it’s stupid for anyone to act like she’s not good. We all know that she is good. I think it’s hard for people because of how terrible her fans have been as she’s entered the W. I also think that media isn’t doing anything to help her image because everyone is crying and complaining about how rough she’s getting it in the league. And then there is still the comparison of how Angel responded to being choke slammed to the ground (“thank you for making me better”) and Caitlin saying that no one is getting fouled as hard as her. Also, the W is notorious for poor promotion of the league and with Caitlin entering they have kind of made it out as if there was no one good in the league until they got Caitlin. Which is why Diana Taurasi said the things she said during the tournament. But she’s a rookie, who joined the worst team in the league. And she has to learn how it works

  2. EvieE

    That judge who sent the guy driving without a license to jail has a lot of his cases on tik tok and the driving without a license guy isn’t the wildest. He had someone up on a drug charge doing drugs on camera because the person didn’t think the camera was on. These court cases on tik tok are better than judge Judy and judge Mathis. The guy driving without a license apparently never had a license, he has been driving on a state id for his entire driving life.

  3. Cgeter

    I know you hate to get on that voting soapbox, but I appreciate it. Being in the midst of a hot argument is not really where I’m my best, so when I hear some fuck shit from somebody I actually care about enough to correct, having that info as a guide to help me get some points across help. Usually I’ll hear the stupid crap, go back and think about how to dismantle it, then come back a day later, but by then they don’t care. You know our attention spans are terrible nowadays lol.
    Also how long before your boys diddy starts campaigning for Trump aka 34 so he can buy a pardon? Cause I can totally see that.
    Oh yeah, and Whatever you did to the audio at the beginning fixed the music on Youtube again. Just letting you know.

  4. Sean

    Great show as always…

    Query: Do you have someone from the Daily Show writing staff watching you?

    I just ask because bonobos made it onto the Daily Show shortly after being on your show, and this isn’t the first time I’ve noticed an echo of your voices / content in the Daily Show. I’ve been thinking about a subtle word or phrase that you could plant that would be too unlikely to show up by accident in the Daily Show, but would be a quick nod to the TBGWT crossover fans. Any thoughts?

  5. JLCauvin

    Me: Caitlin Clark is great and I did not like the post championship game taunting 2 years ago

    Rod portraying me: I like the carcasian shooters. Snow guards everywhere. Double threes… double threes

    All kidding aside – agree on the race war stuff completely. I said a couple of months ago on Rain on Your Parade (PLUG!) that Caitlin Clark needed a Black rival at the pro level because for better or worse, the bottom line in America and the WNBA will be better with a female Magic to her Female Bird – it is exactly what lifted the NBA in the 1980s and it will be a big help for the WNBA.

  6. ApiafromGermany

    Now I looked up the competition hair of Simone Biles andi do my hair often exactly the same way, to get it out of my face fast.
    I still see nothing wrong here.

  7. ApiafromGermany

    I even talked with my black colleague about podcasts we like like and I told her about your show. And started overthinking. Is me, telling a black woman about your podcast maybe somehow racist because I suspect she would be into it, because she is black? Do I think ALL black people like this show? Actually I think they might do! Would I tell a white person about this show? Yes I would. So maybe it’s not so bad. Or is it.

    • Julien3000

      Murder porn is what I call it too; my wife loves those shows, and I don’t think it’s a bad thing. It’s like porn; you get all the drama without any of the mess. It’s like enjoying a bukkake from a distance—safe and sound on the couch

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