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BDS 522: We’re Going To Bring Back Pimps

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, the NBA Finals results, Terrell Lewis chased by prostitute, Deontay Wilder’s fiancee get restraining order against him, KD gets spicy with a fan, Jerry West dies, USGA considering LIV exemption, Aaron Rodgers missed minicamp, Mike Tomlin contract extension, Spincer Dinwiddie car lawsuit, Draymond Green still bringing up Jordan Poole, Terrence Shannon Jr found not guilty, Tom Brady’s weird Father’s Day, Les Miles suing LSU, Tiger Woods given PGA tour exemption, Monty Williams fired on Juneteenth, Bill Belichick’s 24 year old girlfriend, JJ Redick is Lakers coach, Kim Mulkey covered up Angel Reese fight, Cam Brink out for the season, Rashee Rice roasted, Lonnie Phelps crashes into bar, Matthew Stafford’s wife spills the tea, Joy Taylor, Cole Beasley still homophobic, Pat McAfee may not be on College Gameday, Josh Giddy traded and some soccer fan beef.


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Rod, Karen and JSPN,

    I hope all is well.

    Stephen A Smith wants $25 mil from ESPN and they’re offering $18 mil while paying Pat McAfee $17 mil. Rod, didn’t you say this shit was gonna come to a head eventually? Anybody can yell into a microphone but everybody ain’t Screamin A and I think his skillet is more valuable to ESPN than McAfee; remember when Screamin A (correctly) said that Ash Ketchum was wack for needing 30 years to win a title? That shit was hilarious!

    Shouts out to Monty Williams for taking the Mike Brown path to securing the bags while never being as successful or affable as Mike Brown. Williams was showing the beleaguered Pistons all sorts of new real estate and hell and walked away *paid*.

    What do y’all make about Bronny getting drafted by the Lakers? I initially thought it was real dope (come through Black nepotism) cuz LeBron had mentioned wanting to play with his son for years…and then I realized I was framing that happiness around what this meant for LeBron instead of *Bronny*. It feels weird to make what should be a dope moment for Bronny as another achievement for a*LeBron’s* legacy. What kind of fit is Bronny on the Lakers? What are the Lakers long term plans? And what does this mean for the unfair juxtaposition of Bronny to his dad when their now teammates?

    I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend and thanks as always for the dope shows and insights and hilarity.



  2. RoninRaphael


    This article gives more info, so even the Luka chant is on the mild side of the Balkan wars. It’s been fun having front row seat to the back and forth between these countries. I’ve been seeing all these clashes on TV for years. Euro 2024 is giving. I haven’t even gotten to England already going racist (the moment they don’t win it’s always “the black players are overrated”). WAGs haven’t been getting headlines either (I’ll try and find some before I return back).

  3. RoninRaphael



    Reporting live from Deutschland (Germany) close to the Dutch border. We got Euros 2024 going on here so all of Europe is currently in the country. So there’s racism, xenophobic and nationalistic stuff if you know where to look (game I attended only had sexism near me. men stay men). Great to be Black cause I can walk in all these spaces (except England, don’t trust them) and watch Europeanhistory live. The Black face thing in Netherlands is yeah complicated, I know black Dutch who defend it and some are against it. I do have family there but haven’t talked to them forever, I will one day and see what side of the fence they on. I wonder why they never ask white players about black face, that’s a young black Dutch dude giving the answer. I guess because he had locs.

    2nd link Serbia, Croatia, Albania and one more country all got beef and them fans are quick to remind you. One Albanian player was banned for his celebration which would look innocent to us but is a signal to the Balkan folks and antagonizes Serbia. He already apologized (sounded like P Diddy wrote or translated it lol). Issa critical race Fußball tournament I guess. One thing we are all united in , waiting on England to lose!

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