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2924: From Sweet Buns To Sweet Puns

Rod and Karen respond to listener feedback.

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Do you watch House of the Dragon?


  1. EvieE

    I saw something about the first episode of season of season two of house of dragons. Someone mentioned that Rhea’s dragon was the mother Jayce’s dragon so when Rhae was mourning over over dead son the dragon was crying for her son as well. I thought that was pretty deep.

  2. Sean

    When I took my son to Disney he enjoyed it, especially the Star Wars area, but he enjoyed the trip to Kennedy Space Center more and will still choose Legoland in Nagoya over Tokyo Disney if given the choice even though he is a little old for most of the rides…

  3. Sean

    I respect your tolyamorous acceptance of straying listeners… Just not sure I could do it…

  4. Shoebootie

    And I just realized how right you are Rod! You hit the nail on the head regarding Disney and how the kids aren’t really dialed into the characters. When I think about the new IP and everything regarding Disney, there’s nothing driving my kid to want to go to Disney. She’s not head over heels for any of the characters or anything that it matters. Like Karen though, she is super psyched for Super Nintendo World and has been telling us all about its proposed opening date since last year.

  5. Shoebootie

    I’m re-watching Season 1 of dragons, because 10 minutes into the first episode of the new season, I realized I had no idea what was going on! I couldn’t remember anything!

    And as far as my “shitty people and shitty kids” comment, crowded places and whatnot just bring out the worst in a lot of folks, and none of us in our house want to deal. I don’t think everyone is shitty. Yesterday as we went to a pottery painting place at the mall to beat the heat, and there were two people with strollers and crying babies, my 9-year-old was muttering under her breath to me “why’d they even bring babies, they can’t do anything here, no wonder they’re crying.” My kin… she’s def mine.

  6. MattinAsheville

    Also, sorry I messed up the pole I voted once when I wasn’t logged in and thought it didn’t get counted and voted again. #crooked.

  7. MattinAsheville

    Mother fucking hell, as you were talking about BBL Crissy ending up in the same position I realized they wrote him as a white man failing upward. He could’ve had it good with Rhay, fucked it up on some BS holier than thou shit and gets to keep on going. Fucking white people.

  8. ApiafromGermany

    The extreme form of the mean voice it for example anorexia. People still think they are too fat while literally dying from it. Being loving and friendly toward yourself no matter what size is definitely the way to go.
    As my Monday yoga teacher always says at the end: treat every living being you are in contact with love, especially yourself.

    I don’t need to go to a plantation museum to see what it was. White person in denial, just imagine someone kidnaps you from your home and you are now a slave with no rights or hope for freedom.

    I see, Robs show “ slavery wasn’t so bad, now with white people” needs to be done.

  9. ApiafromGermany

    In the past I also tried diets and it never worked long time. It shouldn’t feel like a sacrifice or it’s not sustainable. I think you are doing great Rod! No food should be off-limits, or you end up wanting it more!

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