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TNO 213: Mister Disrespectful

Rod, Karen and Jack discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Zack Snyder’s Justice League headed back to theaters, Uncharted sequel movie coming, Marvel Vs Capcom collection, Spaceballs sequel coming, Marvel returning to Hall H, Assassin Creed remakes coming, Nickmercs banned from Twitch, Demon Slayer’s final season will be a film trilogy, Switch 2 scalper prevention, Crazy Taxi reboot is ambitious, Fire TV getting Xbox Cloud gaming, Street Fighter movie coming in 2026, Steam players prefer Xbox Controllers, NBA 2K League fires everybody, Andrew Lincoln talks Glenn’s death, Iron Fist actor wants back in, Nintendo cautions against generative AI, Horizon Zero Dawn TV show stalls, Watch Dog movie going forward, Nintendo suing Switch modding company, Jujutsu Kaisen nugget sauce, the gamer saint and Umbrella Academy spinoff stalls.


  1. RoninRaphael

    Salutations Nerds of The Realm,

    I think it’s dark funny how the kids watching “Jediganda” today in Young Jedi Adventures would grow up to see The Acolyte in the future and be like wtf is happening to me and my emotions hahaha (my kid is one of them).

    Karen, I look forward to hearing more of your Dr. Who journey. Episode 6 “Dot & Bubble ” is one that I would recommend trying to get Rod to watch with you. Rod you have described that scenario on the regular podcast a few times.

    Shout-out to the team and cast of Sweet Tooth. It was a beautiful finale to the story. I love the kids on that show.

    Finally, Marvel dropped two trailers (Agatha All Along & Captain America Brave New ) and just like that, Marvel is back was everywhere. These are truly intriguing times!

  2. Romey_Rome

    Shout out to Rod and Karen for all yall do. After watching the Acolyte so far it has completely changed my view on the Jedi henceforth. The Jedi are like AAU coaches for 5-year-olds. Let’s be real the Jedi steal kids from their family never to see them again just because they are skilled in the force. Can’t they do like a Jedi summer camp rather than snatching them from their family forever. Sol is the absolute worst and all the Jedi in Acolyte seem kinda weak. Also, Luke and Vader have proven you don’t need to study in the force since a baby to become a powerful force user whether Jedi or Sith. I think people loved Luke in the originals cus he truly wasn’t a traditionally trained Jedi and didn’t have some of their asinine dogmatic beliefs. Was order 66 that bad when you think of it now. Just wanted to rant and get that out because I’ve enjoyed the show but wonder what did they want me to feel about the Jedi after watching it?

    Jerome aka Romey

  3. Sean

    Karen’s response to the ZSJL release was perfect, “What the flop? Who’s gonna watch that?”

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