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2935: Candied Fried Chicken

Rod and Karen banter about their weekend, Not Like Us music video, Them season 2, candied fried chicken and Supacell. Then they discuss Hawk Tuah girl, more Diddy news, BG has to get lyrics government approved, Boosie Bad Breath, Angela Simmons’ gun purse, Keith Lee BET Awards mix up, Trump wants Stop and Frisk to return, racist headline about VP Harris, Hulk Hogan accused of racism and sword ratchetness.

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Candied Fried Chicken?


  1. HustleNoFlow

    I wanted to say no about candied fried chicken, I really did…..but I’d try it once.

    I love Luther Burgers, and get one every now and then. I also tried the hamdog when that place was around that showed it on the Tonight Show (it’s a hot dog wrapped in ground beef and deep fried, served on a hoagie bun covered in chili, cheese and a fried egg). Definitely got the meat sweats while eating it, but it was good.

  2. EvieE

    I need my people to be freed from the shackles of candied everything. It seems to be a huge trend in tik tok now and candied fried chicken is a step too far. I think the candied trend is the new crack epidemic of our time planned by the CIA to give us all the suga. They want us to end up like Big Mama. This is like the episode of the Boondocks when the Luther was introduced. Say no to candied fried chicken.

    • HustleNoFlow

      Yeah, I saw candied ribs on IG the other day! What started this?

  3. PamelaM8

    Candied fried chicken would be cold! So that’s a no from me, dawg! Not that’s anything wrong with good fried chicken, hot, warm or cold, but I don’t think it would work.

  4. RoninRaphael

    That Diddy be wanting a body music deserves an award. Always makes me burst into laughter No matter what I’m doing. Just wanted to Shout-out the artist!

  5. Sean

    Candy-fried-chicken is a no from me, but (talking about the VP) bacon-fried apples… that sounds good… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ql7YHR4Dwg0 [video of VP Kamala Harris cooking bacon-fried apples]

  6. Yetunders

    Insecure is another show that had great lighting for dark skinned Black people! Annie Leibovitz is someone who desperately NEEDS to take some lessons on lighting Black, I’ve NEVER seen a picture she took of a Black person that looked great!

    About Supacell, as a person who used to have sickle cell disease and works with sickle cell patients, I’m so happy we are being highlighted more in the media and awareness is being brought to the disease more now. Sickle Cell although affects more people than Cystic Fibrosis doesn’t get half as much money as CF does and there are only 2 approved medications. Another effect of racism as SCD affects predominantly Black people, while CF affects more White people.
    I love that the way their powers are activated is through their eyes turning yellow, which is a common symptom for sickle cell patients when we are sick or about to have a painful crisis.
    It’s a great show, and I can’t stop raving about it as you can see…lol.

    • RoninRaphael

      I second everything that you said on our VP and especially Sickle cell disease.
      I still remember at one point in my life (younger days in Nigeria) when sickle cell disease was considered a death sentence. It was tough watching cousins going through the pain and fearing that could be their last time on earth. It’s another reason why I love Supacell plus Rod’s take on Grime rap hahaha

  7. ApiafromGermany

    Candy friend chicken gets a nofrom me.
    It’s not like fried chicken itself was the best for health, no need to put sugar on it.

    Wonder if Diddy will really serve jail time?

    I like VP Harris as far as I can tell, what’s wrong with her? She is qualified and for me, has charisma.

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