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2936: The Place Everyone Goes To Be Mad

Rod and Karen discuss new merch in the store, Tom Cruise, wearing glasses more often, Kanye retiring from music, Maryland teacher says he was cleared of wrong doing after hair braiding video, Keke Palmer defends Angela Simmons after Oreo bathtub post, Megan Good says everyone warned her not to date Jonathan Majors but she didn’t listen, U.S. Marshals shoot car jacker outside Supreme Court Justice’s house, Supreme Court booed by crowd, Omarosa slams Trump for “Black jobs” comment, Kanye sued for racist work environment, man dies after putting firework on his head, boy drowns while fishing, woman says she was kicked off flight for misgendering airline attendant and sword ratchetness.

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Does social media make you angry?




    Admittedly, had a breaking point about social media making me angry, years ago, but, as I was about to quote tweet Rob Reiner on how he thinks Biden should step down from the presidency, I didn’t do a quote tweet, nor did I respond to him with a reply. This was days ago, for the record. I just went about my business & continued on. “Dunking” or just straight-up fact checking doesn’t really work on Twitter, nor does it enlighten most people on the platform. I mean, I’m pretty well past 2020 & things I learned about Twitter & Social Media as a whole, that it’s an echo chamber & people experience what they want to experience. See what they want to see. Left, right, center, libertarian, troll etc., it doesn’t matter. It’s also not fun anymore & that’s ok.

    It’s best to channel whatever feelings on something else than a site filled with bots or another liberal white person who doesn’t want to hear about me calling them cowards for either staying home during elections or stop saying “do something” to Obama. It’s not good for the soul.

    To quote Marshawn Lynch: “protect your mentals”


  2. EvieE

    The only black person Omarosa cares about is Omarosa. She is a nuisance that just won’t go away. Although I don’t rank her in the top ten coon list she’s still a coon so fuck her.

    I’m not sure what compelled Megan Good to reveal that all her friends told her not to date Jonathan Majors. Like some things we can keep to ourselves. I miss secrets.

    • ApiafromGermany

      There are still many secrets. We just don’t know about them, because they are, in fact secrets.

  3. RoninRaphael

    Yeah that’s another thing that’s on my time travel list, go back and take out the chap(s) who figured out how to make social media “engaging” … I mean the list keeps growing. I believe it was after listening to one of your previous episodes and Karen talked about how she had to pull back from her social media engagement for well being, that I first considered what drove the most engagement in mine. Why was I engaging, and how did it make me feel? After that I was able to bring it up during therapy and yeah with the current attacks on Biden and zero accountability of Trump. I find myself doing what I complain others do again, so I have had to whooosah myself or remove myself from the apps. It is a drug tho, a very powerful one. The cocaine cartel should sue!

  4. ApiafromGermany

    LinkedIn is most positive social media. It’s only unintentionally funny but very upbeat and positive.
    I’m there for work, to see what new publications are posted by neurologists.
    People behave there, because they want to make a good impression for professional reasons.
    It’s cringy and full of inspirational post that are in reality brags, but it’s amusing and does not give me anxiety.

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