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2937: The Queen Who Forever ‘Twas

Rod and Karen recap HBO’s “House of the Dragon.”

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Should Niecy have flown back to finish the battle?


  1. HustleNoFlow

    Niecy is a real one, but I do wish she had returned and regrouped so that she could lead a tag team fight against Vaghar. Melys was injured though, and it’s possible she couldn’t have made it all the way back without Vaghar walking her down. Now I wonder how Corlys is going to go about gathering up his side kids.

    You were right about Ser Gwayne. He was wild, making sure his name rang out when he led the charge through the breach.

    As for the High Valyrian, man, Aemond was sonning Aegon so hard! It’s like he was purposefully showing him that he didn’t deserve to lead the army (or to be king) because he had not taken any of his training seriously. I think Aegon is like people that understand a language by hearing, but can’t really speak it, so he could understand exactly what Aemond was saying.

    But every time I see Aemond, I just get mad that he took Laena’s dragon and that should have gone to her daughter. I want him to get his so bad, but I know that I probably won’t get it until the very end. I very much feel like Ice T in New Jack City about Aemond.

  2. SuavyP

    It may have been discussed during the recap already, but my thought on why Niecy flew back to the battle knowing she would likely die, is that she has been living in regret for not having put an end to the Greens at Kings landing season 1 when she had the chance with Meleys. And Daemond never let her forget it. I think had she’d flew back to Dragonstone knowing she had a chance to take out King Aegon (and his brother) to prevent further bloodshed, given how limited (Rhaenera’s ?) army and allies were, she would never hear the end of it from Daemond.

  3. RamseyDeeJenkins

    Five Stars for Ya’lls recap of Dem Dragons and the comments from our Tippers Family each week.
    Thank you both for your commentary and humor! #PoursoutsomeWineforRhaenys

  4. shanna

    Hey y’all,

    I love y’all’s recaps. Especially calling Criston BBL Crissy. I had a thought while I was reading some comments about the episode. People were saying that it’s sad watching the dragons fight and die because we know there’s none left by the time of Game of Thrones but I think it’s also sad watching the Targaryens fight because we also know by the time of Game of Thrones it’s basically just Dany and her brother. Because they intermarry so much, there’s barely any Targaryens left so watching them fight each other is just as tragic. That was just a thought I had because they’re going to keep fighting each other and we’re going to lose dragons and Targaryens and Velaryons and I’m already sad about it.

    Can’t wait for this week’s episode to see what happens with Aegon and how Team Black moves forward. Continued prayers for BBL Crissy to die.


  5. EvieE

    I haven’t been as affected by a death in the Game of Thrones franchise since my girl Lady Olenna Tyrell. Why did they have to take my good sis Lady Rhaenys?
    Team black keeps taking L after L and at this point I’m not sure how Rhae is gonna turn things around. If Aemond gets on the throne, I think it’s a wrap. Every episode Cole lives just pisses me off. I just want him to die, get diarrhea as he’s dying , and his penis chopped off and stuffed down his throat. I hate him. I hate him so much I would rather watch an entire spin off of walking dead featuring Henry than for Cole to survive this season. Fuck that nigga.

  6. JLCauvin

    As I listened to this recap, I thought I would pay money for a companion to Drunk History called Black Fantasy, where Rod and Karen’s dialogue is lip synced by the characters on the show (probably possible within a decade using AI). The actors would all get canceled for N word usage, but it would be worth it for the art!

  7. RoninRaphael

    I voted No but my reasoning was for the 2nd time not the first. Aemond may be a bad bad man (in Steven A Smith voice) however this is also his first battle. He shouldn’t have the smarts over my auntie!

    RIP to my auntie, a voice of reasoning to both Rhaeny & Corlys, she held it down when her husband was MIA too. She been a real one & named me her heir. Hit up my Dragons gofundme lets avenge her!

    Shout-out to all the soldiers who saw two dragons fighting & said “fuck the realm I’m out.” That’s not abandoning duty, that’s honor!

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