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303: Nerd Is The New Cool

Rod and Karen are joined by Clove and Sherley from to discuss inter-Canadian relationships, Nerd is a fashion statement, black people mad at TV, Transformers, check the timeline, books vs. movies, bad teachers, woman attacks boyfriend over sex, faking kidnapping to get out of cheating, Mom Proms, horrible practical joke, make up sex, Moonwalk or else, stealing from sick kids, farewell sex, another six year old arrested, hog girlfriend mix-up, blowing up the power company, Twitter lynch mom, $100 cigarettes, kidney donating jerk and are you willing to learn.

Intro: Love Bomb – NERD
Outro: En Focus – De La Soul

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  1. havent even finished this episode yet but i jus had to pause n say this:i too am a huge fan of the chocolate vanilla swirl!like HUGE!! I went to a predominantly white school district. from first thru HS graduation. and i LOVED IT!had more punani thrown at me than i knew wut to do with. it was GRRRRRREAT(shoutout to tony the tiger). oh and yes i was and still am a big nerd. now proudly, then not so much but it didnt matter to da snowbunnies! they jus said “oh he’s black,i wanna b THAT girl. take my mouf,take my pussy, take my tittays!” it..was..AWESOME!!:-D!!!shoutout to all ma dudes in the urban-suburban program!(not sure if thats nation wide or wut but i see ya’ll! n i too know how finger-lickin good sum italian pussy is)…………………………………………………………………………….sry #flashbacks. anyway keep doin ya’ll (rod n karen) thang,luv it!

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