As always guest spots can be found by clicking the links below or searching iTunes and Stitcher for the show titles.

Rod and Karen were on Taste Like Fried Chicken Episode 14 “That Doesn’t Give Anyone The Right To Canibalize This Man.”

Rod was on episode 385 of the Insanity Check Podcast: Sith Council

Rod was on a bonus episode of Black, Sexy, Geeky and Mental just kind of kicking it with Amber P about a bunch of random topics.

Rod was on The Evening Jones 2/18/12 Episode.

Rod was on The Player Hater Podcast Chronicles Of A Hater- I Am Full Of Shit, Interracial Dating, Hood Scholarships.. And More.

Karen was on Where’s My 40 Acres episodes 252: Gold Plated Tears Of A Rapper and 253: You’re A Douchebag

Rod was on episode the Prove Your Point Podcast episode 32: The Consummate Caller debating Star Wars vs. Mass Effect

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