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BDS 263: Tom Brady Eats Ass

Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, NBA free agency, Jerry Richardson fined, Anthony Davis buys a mansion in LA, Floyd Mayweather scammed some Nigerians, Ben Simmons buying home with Kendall Jenner, Adam Silver contract extension, Lamar Odom book, Tom Brady eats ass, Big3, Hope Solo calls out us Soccer, murder at Janoris Jenkins’ house, Sammy Sosa bleaching, Ryan Lochte facing prison, Chris Bosio fired for racism, Serena Williams drug testing, Jameis, Kawhi, Barkley lying, Jimmy Butler is fed up, Mavs decline Dirk’s options, Tristan baby mama mad, TO hall of fame speech, Chris Bosh wins against his mama, Foster suspended and Gareon Conley sues his accuser.


  1. Troubadour_D

    In the vein of Wells Fargo, Facebook and Uber, Papa John’s should run an apology commercial with a employee taking a knee, eating a slice talking about how they know you didn’t come to Papa John’s for the pizza, you came for the subtle racism, and we’re gonna restablish ourselves for just that. Everyone a player takes a knee, you get an extra pizza when you order one medium or large 2 topping. Then I’ll buy that nasty ass pizza. Until then,

    *two fingers*

    Love the show, premium is exactly what I thought it would be and more.


  2. rodimusprime

    Hey rod and jharles Oakley;

    A)Well IT got the vet min with Denver

    He is heading to a young offensive team. He went from potential max contract to peanuts in 18 months. Any hopes for his future or is he damaged goods at this point?

    B) I’m convinced Justin is behind the trashing of LAbron murals in Los Angeles. I knew you don’t really want him there but damn.

    C) speaking of the king, one of our queens, A’JA Wilson waited till bron bron got his laker contract announced to voice her displeasure about the pay gap between the nba & WNBA. After reading the article, it’s says the nba brought in 7.4b compared to the WNBA bringing in 25m. Last season. Just wanted you guys thoughts on this.

    I know you guys will address the McCoy situation, so I stop here

    Peace in the Middle East


  3. Amani

    Hey Rod and Japa John

    This dude has had a long history of saying some racist and fucked up things but this week he finally went too far! Saying Black people cared about KFC???? That’s too much this nigga had to go!

    Oh what? Folks were mad about the n-word part? Well that’s bad too I guess. It’s always funny to me how racist you can get away with being in positions of power and people will shrug it off as your opinions or personal politics but you get that bad PR, whew buddy they’re taking your name off the stadium in Louisville and even baseball teams are cancelling deals. If you’re too hot for baseball racism, you fucked up.

    And Rodstradamus strikes again!! You called it on that Kawhi being a MAGA supporter. What if this whole time Kawhi wanted to go to LA he meant the Clippers because he never heard they got rid of Donald Sterling?

    P.S. Y’all have been talking about the homie Michael Smith, he did a surprise guest host appearance on Around the Horn this week and folks have been posting videos of him in The Undefeated offices. He’s doing his thing.

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