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BDS 283: Big Loss Energy













Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, Urban Meyer retiring, Kareem Hunt cut, Durant hating on Lebron, LaVar Ball, Bron could own the Cavs, Pamela El retiring, Dwight Howard injured, Matt Barnes child support, Dez is Team Kareem, Patrick Beverley, Jerry Jones is zero tolerance, Ada Hegerberg asked to twerk, Packers, Kelvin Benjamin cut, Doc Rivers on black players, Laila Ali hits man with car, Washington considered Kaepernick, Packers fire assistant coach, Greg Hardy UFC match, Eric Murdock suing United, Brandon Browner sentenced to 8 years, Maryland’s new coach, Alex Smith surgery complications and USA Gymnastics is bankrupt.


  1. rodimusprime

    12/11/2018 at 11:24 AM

    Hey Rod and Justin

    Looks like y’all was wrong Atlanta United one the finals they almost blew a 3-1 in the conference finals but we won’t talk about that. I think this they first Major championship in like 30 years or something.

    I think the Warriors MIGHT have 1 more year left everybody will take vet minimum or some sort of paycut but it’s over by 2020. I think KD still got those burner accounts maybe just run by his brother now because I keep seeing tweets that KD better than Bron and Bron is not top 3 anymore etc that’s clearly crazy I think top 3 is LeBron, KD and Anthony Davis but that’s my opinion. Sticking with basketball I need a new team I am a thunder fan but they just ain’t doing nothing they just get stuck in the middle of the pack Evey year since KD left. Paul George just disappears in the playoffs and Russ just padding his stats with these triple-doubles its sad to watch this team needs to a hard reboot. Who do y’all suggest I become a fan of?

    I heard about the loss to the cowboys but the Saints still gonna run the table and get to the NFC championship game I feel it. I am thinking they meet the Rams there unless something happens in the next few weeks.

    Last thing Minnesota got a soccer team but they trash so it don’t matter but what I wanna talk about is why do cold ass states believe in open roof stadiums it’s super cold here and the team forced the state to build a open roof stadium and actually fucked up the community it was built in kicked out lots of peoole from their homes and closed losts of businesses on top of that stupid stadium they can only use maybe 5 months out the year. What do yall think about this trend in sports (open roof stadiums)

    Anyways y’all have a good holiday and good weekend


  2. rodimusprime

    12/10/2018 at 8:49 PM

    Happy Holidays Rod, Justin and hopefully Karen,

    I’m glad the players went to the players association. It’s ridiculous for a new coach to show up and start ramping up practices-as thought practice is going to make the team better. Maybe the team is fine but they need a coach who can build around their talents?

    We see this strategy all the time-a new boss comes in and decides that the blame for underperformance is labor, not management.

    And shame on the Bulls management for being so lazy that their solution was to simply get a member of the Spurs coaching staff to Coach their team. Just because a strategy works in one organization doesn’t mean it automatically translates to another one. That’s like saying what works at Amazon works at Google. Not true at all.

    Just pure laziness.


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