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1825: To Cash A Creditor

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Rod and Karen discuss a couple random thoughts, Shaun King suing people, Chris Hansen arrested, Gillette ad, porn site warns people searching for R Kelly tape, no fluoride in water lead to more cost, the tools of a narcissist and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Wiz Khaleesi

    This episode was so well-timed because I realized I had been dealing with narcissists without even knowing it. My worst experience is happening now with a friend I met online. I’m at the last stage (the smear campaign), keeping my mouth shut has been the best decision I could’ve made, plus my friends have been so supportive. You’ve both really made me feel less alone and that I’ll find a way out of this. I feel seen

    Thank the old Gods (and the new) for TBGWT 🙂

  2. kccolon10

    The Gillete as was beautiful. It was a very important message that, for once, did not focus on the so-called shortcomings of women. They really took a stand on an issue, and i appreciate it. I like how they included lots of men of color, and didn’t best around the bush with what they were talking about. Not only did they have Terry Cruz, but they had what he was speaking about, which was his sexual assault case. The ‘men have to hold men accountable’ is so true, and is not a new message, but refreshing to see a big brand that caters to masculinity support this message.

    I saw it on my timeline in clips, but I heard rumblings of people in their feelings so I skipped it. Thank you Rod and Karen for covering it, because I actually paused this episode to watch the commercial. I would’ve completely missed the memo had you not discussed it.

    Karen, I agree that it’s a marketing strategy for the company. And I’m glad they are using the strategy to promote the protection of people than the exploitation and abuse of them. Good job y’all !!!!

  3. Evie E

    I wonder if Shaun King suing people has something to do with the fact that the murder of Jazmine Barnes turned out to be not the man he blasted all over his social media. A couple weeks ago, he’d placed an actual picture of a man who matched the police sketch with the man’s name and blasted it to his millions of followers and the man and his family was getting death threats. While he deleted the tweet after the fact there was never a statement of retraction or an apology. So maybe he’s suddenly suing people to distract people from his mistake. That sounds kinda narcissistic.

    Speaking of narcissists, I’ve dealt with a few narcissists in my life, I dated one and had a couple so called friends who are. I’m the kind of person to bend over backward for a friend or someone I care about and the one thing a narcissist loves to do is withhold affection to manipulate you into doing what they want you to do. Each time when I reached the breaking point they would gaslight me and make it seem like I was the problem. When I realized that I could do no right with that person, I stopped dealing with them and being at their beck and call. That’s when the smear campaign began. That’s the hardest to get through, but when they realize that they can no longer affect you, that’s when they move on to the next person to terrorize.

    Unfortunately this whole country is currently dealing with a narcissist and it’s so triggering because there’s not much we can do about it.

    I think the Gillette commercial controversy happened because Piers Morgan and James Woods tweeted about it. Those two are boils on the ass of society. Just a couple of super trolls with troll followers. You just can’t take those two seriously.

  4. rivahcitygurl

    Regarding the Gillette ad, I will never understand the vitriol that follows when an ad comes out that challenges people to not be trash. The overwhelming response has been very defensive and adamant that they should continue to remain dreadful and pass that on to the next generation of young men. A reasonable response from society could be to feel encouraged not to raise a misogynist, incel, sexual predator, etc. It kind of reminds me how people reacted to Michelle Obama when she tried to encourage healthy eating habits.

  5. everly77

    Hey Rod and Karen. Wow. Thank you so much for discussing narcissism in this episode. My son’s father is the narcissist in my life and I had to learn over time how to deal with him. While I was still in a relationship with him, I had no idea that people could behave like this. He was mean for no reason. Gaslighting me when he felt like it. Be nice to me sometimes. The rollercoaster of emotions was making me think I was losing my mind. He did all this while I’m trying to care for our new baby. The stress was unbelievable. It wasn’t until I was discussing him with a friend years after the relationship ended that I realized I was dealing with a narcissist. You discussing this will truly help someone recognize they are dealing with a narcissist and hopefully get away from them. I wish I knew then what I know now. Unfortunately, I still have to co-parent with that fool sometimes, but I just either ignore his bullshit or treat him like he’s a comedian and laugh at him. He hate that shit. Enjoy the rest of your day!

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