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TNO 137: The Lil Mermaid

Rod, Karen, Kriss and D Palm discuss listener feedback, entertainment, the Little Mermaid casting black lead, Venom sequel, Fortnite streamer raises almost a million for charity, Matrix reboot, Attack on Titan season 4, Aladdin box office, Trump delays video game tariffs, Endgame might not catch Avatar, no Hellboy sequels, Bautista vs Fast and Furious, Sandman TV show ordered by Netflix, Hall H at SDCC, Walking Dead tv show, GTA 6 speculation, Ghostbusters 3 news, EA execs give up bonuses, Lord of the Rings TV show news, Rami Malek refuses terrorist typecasting, DC Universe coming to SDCC, Pacific Rim anime, Daisy Ridley interview, Shenmue 3 refunds, MoviePass suspending service, The Lost Boys TV series, Netflix cutting back on smoking in TV series, The Flash gets another new director, Akira anime sequel coming, DDoS attacker gets 2 years, HBO Max, Disney removes creepy scene from Toy Story 2, Cosplayer’s rifle causes sheriff’s warning, Obsidian shying away from politics, Blizzard accused of censorship, Cuphead DLC delayed, Mordau developers scared of race and gender, Robots could take up to 20 million jobs by 2030, roaches becoming immune to bugspray, Urkel on Scooby Doo, Scooby Doo reboot idea and bugs introduce themselves.

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  1. brooklynshoebabe

    07/07/2019 at 1:37 PM

    Dear Nerdoff Crew,
    Loved having Dpalm on the show. Awesome chemistry. Maybe sometimes have him on even when Aaron is there. You all had me laughing. In regards to The Black Little Mermaid, I was in college when the original came out so I didn’t grow up identifying with Ursula but I get how black women and other marginalized folks made her their favorite anti-hero. (Hell, as an asthmatic, Darth Vader was my fav anti-hero. A nigga with breathing issues who could kill with his thoughts. But, I digress.) After seeing Lizzo perform at the BET awards and seeing Queen Latifah made up as Ursula in a Disney ad about 10 years ago, I was convinced they should go that way. They hinted at a Black Captain America so why not race bend Ursula? So, I was a tad salty about the rumors about Melissa McCarthy although I do love her and find her hilarious. (The Boss had me dying because I was a Girl Scout leader selling cookies. It’s a cut throat biz.) But as soon as Hallie Bailey was announced as Ariel, my whole style flipped. LMAO. I’ll admit to being one of those flip-flopping people, but I didn’t do it on Twitter so there’s no proof.

    If they combine The Transformers and the Fast and Furious universes, I’m just going to direct deposit my entire paycheck to the movie theater. The level of ridiculousness would be worth the price of admission.

    Although MoviePass proved not to be a sustainable model, it did prove one thing: people still want to go to the movies especially people like me who are single and got kids old enough to not need babysitters and can stay their asses home without burning it down. MoviePass forced movie theaters to step their games from better rewards systems, reserved seating, special fan nights, to food delivery to your chair. Besides, what fun is there in watching a movie like Ma by yourself at home? You need to be in the theater with the rest of audience screaming back at the screen. lol.

    I blabbed long enough–you can always tell when I’m commenting on my phone or the computer by the length of my messages. LOL. Peace out.

    P.S.: They could reboot any movie and say Michael B. Jordan is in it and I. WILL. BE. THERE.

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